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no plans for more at this time, but you never know. thanks for reading <3 stay cucked out there!

thank you! it was a pretty self-indulgent thing to make tbh

i didn't like flying but i do now :)

unique, lifelike atmosphere, good use of panning, and delightful ending

really charming world, loved the visual design and all the little touches and various details that made it feel alive, along with the humour

gave me aches and chills, beautiful work with the patterns and paths

not much of a story per se, but

thank you for the cool little system!

Then you make something sister to bones, to scaffold you and to hang all the intruments of pleasure upon.

might we all be so lucky 😌 good eats

hard to watch, which means you succeeded at conveying this subject well, i think

thanks for playing <3

hm! okay, the bounce-to-other-monitor only happens when selecting a page of the zine to edit. I was able to drag the window back to the tablet with my mouse.

dunno if this is in your wheelhouse, but I can't seem to use the EZM on my screen tablet which is connected to my PC as an extended monitor. I'm able to pull up EZM on the tablet, but when I interact with the inner window (where you do the actual zine-making), it bounces over to the main monitor, leaving the background window with the fish behind. I'd appreciate any help if possible!



didn't think to post when I made this, but a weird one for a game jam:

this is good and thoughtful and i can relate to a lot of it

it's probably cool epic poggers etc if it's messy and small and
broken, actually.


it looks like both downloads were! thanks for reading and for letting me know

terrific to see you've added the ability to have an arbitrary amount of cards to this wonderful little tool! I remember fooling around with adding extra pages once and realizing how tedious it would be for more than just a few. thanks and congrats on all your work on this

took me a few tries but i got there eventually! real life simulator

aw, i like the cute little fangies!

there's great value in being open about feeling desperate and inarticulate and going for it anyway. it's inspiring, as someone who sometimes can't imagine not feeling that way.

I'd like to echo Cecile's compliments on the evocative nature of your style. it's rare that I find use of the second person more engaging than third or first; this manifesto is one of those exceptions. reading the first paragraph gave me a jolt: "me? how did you know??" I continued to get goosebumps as I went further, even knowing this was obviously written from your own experiences. so I think you succeeded in communicating the feelings described here

I was also intrigued and touched by the video element. it would be very cool if you did manage to put your literal voice in your future stories!

" I cannot fix this problem you have given me, I can only hold it a little more gently than you did."

well said. I greatly appreciate the earnest openness here

waah, thank you so much! 

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i'm glad i was able to convey the feelings properly! thank you for playing and leaving this lovely comment

gorgeous; touching in its self-conscious contradictions, effective in its small use of space; a wonderful little experience

thank you!!

i love this! i'm excited to maybe see the full thing someday

if i may submit one more hack, for anyone interested in giving their zine a soundtrack:

for music, add this line to the HTML file in the <body> tag, after the ezmreader.js <script> tags

<audio src="song.mp3" autoplay loop display="none">

then rename the html "index.html" and zip it, along with your song (make sure the name matches the one in the html!) and of course your zine into a ZIP or RAR file, and upload to Itch like normal

here's screenshots for any visual learners:


these bars suck

these frogs f


thanks a bunch!

youve done it again you madmen. loved the funky maze as well as the use of hands to indicate interactiveness in the video portion. looking forward to the full game

the smashcut from 40k BCE to 1997 had me in stitches

omg i love it, tysm for the nice comment!!

super nifty!

pleasing... gorgeous

i love himb

holy shit