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gorgeous; touching in its self-conscious contradictions, effective in its small use of space; a wonderful little experience

thank you!!

i love this! i'm excited to maybe see the full thing someday

if i may submit one more hack, for anyone interested in giving their zine a soundtrack:

for music, add this line to the HTML file in the <body> tag, after the ezmreader.js <script> tags

<audio src="song.mp3" autoplay loop display="none">

then rename the html "index.html" and zip it, along with your song (make sure the name matches the one in the html!) and of course your zine into a ZIP or RAR file, and upload to Itch like normal

here's screenshots for any visual learners:


these bars suck

these frogs f


thanks a bunch!

youve done it again you madmen. loved the funky maze as well as the use of hands to indicate interactiveness in the video portion. looking forward to the full game

the smashcut from 40k BCE to 1997 had me in stitches

omg i love it, tysm for the nice comment!!

super nifty!

pleasing... gorgeous

i love himb

last update: i uninstalled before the previous post and now, having reinstalled, can't access my game in the app. my own fault really. tried poking around to see if i could copy data to the current install but the default android file explorer doesn't really allow for that... ah well

turns out the zip the app itself creates on export doesnt work BUT zipping the folder for the fltpack file myself did the trick.

export does not appear to work, unless i did something wrong (uploaded the zip created on export to itch, selected html file played in the browser)

i am on android and the person who tested the export for me is on windows

got it working on the second try! i do wish there was a way to import images besides just taking a picture, tho

i was so hyped to make a flatgame on mobile but alas...

holy shit

love the concept - and that the mechanics serve the concept - but unfortunately my voice input does not seem to work so i cant actually play the game. which is a damn shame.

10/10 would be a little clown working at the behest of a rat again


v cool, v chill

poignant and aching, sometimes amusing (that feeling of "oh you fool. it's so obvious!" when you've gone through the same process of realization). truly incredible

was not prepared to be emotionally devastated, even after the description

i love this game because it accurately portrays the reality of drawing, which is hell

my rooms a mess. damn :/


surprised it wasnt already in there tbh

this is my fav video game could u add it to the list

(1 edit)

thanks for making!

if you're taking suggestions, i think a small colour palette feature would make a big difference. maybe just 4 or 5 colours so you don't have to flip back and forth when colouring

edit: just saw the devlog nvm lol! looking forward to future updates and drawing more in this


cool little tool! i used this and then photoshop to make:

really cute!!

i am in euphoric bliss all the time. i am in excruciating pain all the time.

iterating on a concept

c ool tool

thank you so very much, both for playing and for taking the time to leave this lovely comment! and for letting me know about the problem in the first room - woops. i definitely want to go back and either fix that or make it clear where to go through tile or colour choice. thank you again!

this goes incredibly hard, harder than any gamen't i've seen