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thank you so very much, both for playing and for taking the time to leave this lovely comment! and for letting me know about the problem in the first room - woops. i definitely want to go back and either fix that or make it clear where to go through tile or colour choice. thank you again!

this goes incredibly hard, harder than any gamen't i've seen


thank you for responding so quickly!! 

Chrome and Windows 64, respectively

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heya, love this tool! unfortunately when I attempt to share an animation using the in-program tool, I see this:

the problem persists even when I use the app on my desktop. changing the image scale doesn't seem to make a difference either.

wanted to let you know!

trust no one.. not even yourself

oh no... i died in the second room and now the bridge in the first is gone

baffling, ty

(2 edits)

struggling with the gorgeous underwater segment. i keep just missing with my rope placement. i want to see the other siiiiiide

edit: for future adventurers, it turns out you don't need the rope to get there! swinging might actually be impossible for that. just walk on the wooden beams.

edit edit: thank you for this salamander jerky simulator

i figured out the ropes! it didn't get me anywhere but it was fun.

filling up my elevator with beef jerky, as is my god given right

this is really cool! i'm having trouble figuring out how to use the rope tool. specifically, how do i swing using it once i place the rope?

incredibly effective at evoking fatigue, unease, fear, and hopelessness. i found the way you later on took advantage of the player taking sprites as their goal for granted particularly disorienting (and therefore engaging)!

so powerful. "look at us side-by-side. one of us is different."

how did you manage the "tips fedora" image import? it looks like an overlay and not something made through RGBitsy.

i love how well the visual aspects fit the subject matter! the thought bubbles in the first room, the transition to the second room with its colour shift and push sideways blew my mind, the hourglass room... and of course writing i could relate to.

just a really neat experience all around

pages 9 and 10 hit me

yes, thank you

this game was what i expected, and yet not. intense, heavy and pulsing. a kaleidoscope of screaming hatred and wriggling flesh. it moved me to tears, because i know the feeling it conveys well. and because what it showed me, reflected back, was grotesque.

i doubt it was intended, but this game inspires me to want to live.

as i type this, the sound is still going. even tho i tabbed out

speed on, little doggo

how fucked up can this dog get


glad to help! it'd be neat to see it in other projects

thank you for this comment omg

thanks a bunch! i actually have a lot more ideas. this concept gels well with the way i think. it's great especially for a magical realist story, which is what i'm aiming for with the full thing

this is the most inspiring thing ive never read

perfectly encapsulates specific Gender Feelings through clever phrases and evocative imagery. thank you for making this. i've a feeling i'll make use of some of this vocabulary in my own journey

this hurts... in the way that recognizing the things that cause you pain hurts

a very good read

a terrific joke with impressive use of colour and bitsy's tools!

yeehaw! thanks so much for this tool. i have trouble letting go of impossible standards when it comes to what i create, so this tool is the perfect excuse to get my feelings down without overthinking it.

here's my first finished one:

a short and chilling experience. i was pleasantly shocked by the reference to deleuze/guittari's work and what it meant for this work. looking forward to whatever you make next!

provocative and darkly delightful. good concept and use of colour. the twist made me laugh

beautiful tiles and beautiful use of them - the way you used exits a couple of steps into the barrage of rooms passed through when climbing really made me stop and marvel. perfectly encapsulated the feelings of endless curiosity, aimlessness, and - dare i say it - disconnection

ugh of course she is

that was beautiful. even if it's a prototype, it's impressive how quickly you made us care about these two characters through a series of texts. also, does Haven have ARFID by any chance?

yes! unfortunately flickgame's limited to 16 frames and i refused to cut even one for the sake of an end card

hell yeah

truly incredible. plenty of humour amidst the creeping sense of unease. i want to live in the glitch wastes

that said, i still enjoyed all of the game that i was able to experience! the lighting on everything was beautiful, as were so many other aspects of the visual design - the terrace with its punctuation marks of white flowers in the darkness, the walls overlaid with Nikki's drawings after her first encounter with the ghost, and of course, the ending. i look forward to whatever you go on to make.

game doesn't like my monitor's resolution (1280x1024) :'(  don't know what engine you use, but if possible it'd be nice to have a launcher that lets you pick resolution and windowed mode

10/10 would die of fright again