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Llewelyn 'NylePudding' Griffiths

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A few simple animations would definitely tighten it up, but I love dice games. :) I really want to get back into Game Jams I haven't had the time for dev as much as I would like. 

Really cool! I like the music :)

Gorgeous game, really fun and cute, I love the little twist at the beginning too. :) Found this from your TikTok btw, glad I bumped into it!

I'm glad you liked it, thank you! :D

thank you! ^_^

vip is my favourite, look at them go on that keyboard

It’s okay, thank you for reporting it! I’m not sure what causes it exactly, but I think I know an easy way to fix it now. I’ll get back to you! :)

I was looking through my feed and noticed Glenn Essex ( had rated it, and I thought it looked interesting.

I think it's really important to make art for oneself. :)

I really enjoyed this, thank you for sharing. :)

I did enjoy my stay thank you! Mind the boba! :D

This was wonderful! :D


Lovely little game. :) I liked the bed by the oasis especially!

It just started thundering outside while I was playing this. :) Gorgeous, I love the low rumbling sub-bass of the rain, very atmospheric!

Very enjoyable, thank you for the lovely little game. :)

Really great idea and super fun when you collect loads of junk. :D

I really enjoyed this, and it was fun discovering the mechanics too! :)

I really like the idea behind this game :)

Fun game, the harpoons are really satisfying to use, and there was some great moments discovering how the mechanics worked :)

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

I really like it how the colour scheme changes as you progress, very effective! The added breathing with the soundtrack really adds to it too. :D

This one on itch is the same as the eGames version, not too sure why the name is different!

I love the Twin Peaks vibe of this generator, very cool! :D

Lovely game Ivan, I loved it. :)

Very cool! Really oppressive atmosphere, the bouncing sounds like footsteps. Had me on edge the whole time.

Holy fuck, this is good, this is really good. 

I had a lovely time with this, weird mysterious and comforting all at once. :) 

Also thank you for introducing me to Soft and Furious!!

I had a great time with this, love the sound effects and the intro, super memorable! :D Also thought the music was really cool, gave the village a unique atmosphere. 

Really enjoyed this! The controls are really nice, and I loved the little compliments. 

"Thank you D.T. Active I am definitely Toad-ally cool" :D

I absolutely adored this! Great choice of music too, really helps will the chill atmosphere. :D :D

I think this idea could work with an open world kind of like the first Zelda.

I used Game Maker Studio v1 for this little game. :) 

Thank you! :D

I had a great time with this, really made me smile. :)

What a wonderfully surreal experience, so much stuff here, I need to play it again. Making it so Chapter 3 of The Wailing Asteroid played whenever you held down the W key just made it even more strange. Some genuinely funny and heartfelt moments too, really loved the ending. 

I really mean it when I say this is one of my favourite games of 2020. 

One for pipe, pipe for all! 

Thank you! :D

This is such great fun, this control scheme is super satisfying and I don't really know why. Brilliantly done! :D

What does the error message on 7Zip say? I downloaded and extracted it the other day and it worked okay. :)

My 7Zip did give me a warning that looked like and error, but I let it finish extracting and it worked without any problems.

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Such a wonderful little game, really cleverly designed too I instantly understood how it was played. The graphics are gorgeous too! :D

My top score is 88.88 I'm sure I can do better though. 

Edit: I got 57.05! 

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Sat down and played this in one sitting, then I went to sleep and the songs played in my dreams over and over, totally engrossing. It's hard to put this experience into words, but it's horrifying, beautiful, disturbing and compelling all at once.