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I like the style, really effective. Really enjoyed my time :)

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Agreed! Although I tried to share a collection there before and it didn't let me, I think it's because it only allows links to individual games? Maybe I did something wrong when I tried to post.

Really, really cool game. Thoroughly enjoyed it! Got most of the endings, but still about 4 more to get. :) 

I think it would be  really useful if there was an official place on for sharing collections. Even if it was just a message board, somewhere for people to curate different games and share them with everyone. 

Hello there, I've curated over 30 games that came out last month, all of which are exciting, beautiful, fascinating or a combination of all three! 

I also wrote about 4 of them on a website of mine called, please check it out if you're interested. :)

This year I'm curating monthly collections of any games on this site that catch my eye, I think it's wonderful just how many really exciting games you can find here. Here's another link to the collection:

Very enjoyable, really cute graphics, really satisfying to complete each level :) 

Thank you! I'm expanding it with a day/night cycle (mushrooms and fireflies!)  also porting it to Unity, want to get more familiar with it. :)

Really blown away by your work, loved the clever use of cards. Really slick puzzles, nice and simple but interesting enough to make you feel clever. Took me 45 minutes to finish, but damn I will remember this game more than others I've played for tens of hours. 

My pleasure! :)

I really enjoyed this, looks wonderful, had no real issues with the controls even though I was using my laptop track-pad instead of a mouse. 

I came across one slightly frustrating bug, the second jump I made right at the beginning I got stuck, mid-air on the corner of the step.  It's quite tricky to reproduce, but it would be a shame if someone got a bad early impression. I've attached an image of where it happened.

I would be happy to do some QA for future updates if you need anyone to give it a good bash, just send me a message on twitter or something. :)

Great fun, really satisfying too.

I really like it how the level changes and rotates, it's got a really slick look too. :)

Awesome graphics, and some pretty original gameplay. Good stuff! :)

What I always wanted in a sequel. 

It was only a matter of time before a game like this was created. x]

There's a nice feeling to the physics, and possibly the fastest game I've seen so far on this jam!

Amazing visual effects, I keep on playing just to hear the music. Inspiring that such a simple game can make you feel bad-ass. 

Surprisingly hard! Really great smashing effects too.

Great stuff, my favourite one in the jam so far! :)

I really love the art and the music, the game feels fair too which is nice.

Bloom community · Created a new topic FUTURE UPDATES
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High priority additions:

  • Bee hives, a place to properly spawn bees and keep their precious nectar.
  • Day/Night cycle.
  • Some form of scoring system?
  • Fertile/infertile soil.

Low priority additions:

  • Different types of flowers and bees.
  • Proper implementation of cross pollination.
  • Flower diseases?
  • Weather.
  • Online integration, a way to visit other players meadows
Bloom community · Created a new topic BUGS & ISSUES
A list of bugs I need to fix, feel free to reply with any you've found
  • A very small number of flowers spawn with a "wonky" rotation
  • A very small number of flowers spawn invisible
  • Bees often leave flowers in a jarring manner