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About the devlog section on itch ....

A topic by CorianderGames created Jun 14, 2019 Views: 384 Replies: 2
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I'm just wondering about something on
is the devlog section has very low traffic ?
I mean I see a lot of awesome games there from other developers but when I enter it's mostly the developer updates and new features he added into his game and just showing his hard work in the game ...

But no comments, no engaging, etc... , I mean if there engaging with the posts it will be just 1 person or 2 but not that much going on.

I use pictures, gifs, videos on my own devlog and it doesn't matter that much because there is not that many traffic in the section except for the developers themselves.

In my opinion, Devlogs are so important in the game development world as it shows the process of creating the game you love and care about, I love but I'm starting not to like the devlog section of it, I feel that something is missing or it's just buried down there.

I Just thought to share my opinion maybe I'm missing something ...

Don't you think the devlog section needs some improvements or is it just me ?


Few people ever comment on Itch, because you need an account, and frankly it's mostly creators who make accounts here. Most players seem content to download a game and move on. That said, many people find my games through a devlog, so it's worth having them IMO.

Yeah that might be the reason why people don't engage, It helped me too with my game but you know I was saying to improve it and make it just more visible, because it's the most important part on itch.

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