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Placing sprites without an editor

A topic by RCoriWithTheStory created 45 days ago Views: 71 Replies: 1
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Hey I am working with an artist friend on an html5 game and we want to try something other than Unity. It's a really simple game with a static background but it's still composed of several different sprites and then there's UI on top of that. The html5 we are using is really just handling rendering, input, and playing some sounds. It has no visual editor. All the background and UI is designed out but I have to somehow place it in the game and I have no editor to do so. Is there some better way that trying to place x and y coordinates by hand by writing them in the code? Seems really inefficient. Is there some other editor I could export layout out from? Like Tiled2D but not for tiles. Could I do it from photoshop(artist uses photoshop) somehow? Thanks.

Superpower sounds extactly what you need: