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[3DCharacterAsset] Steampunk Bear

A topic by TopGameAssets created Jun 06, 2019 Views: 433 Replies: 7
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Here is 1st of 10 characters in development, coming soon on 3d digital markets. Steampunk character sketch (final version). It's a part of the forest animals pack, that is also in concept development.

I would like to ask you what kind of animations you would like to see on this character package?

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The final colored version of steampunk bear, currently on development as 3d asset.

First 2 anims from character AnimSet

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Left Hand Special Attack Animation for Steampunk 3D Bear Character AnimSet

Nice! Solid character.

Cool idea! One animation where he'd let off steam (out of the tank, like a rage animation) would be pretty awesome!

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@Jannik I'll make it next update :) Currently Seismic Wace Attack and Block animation

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