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I've talked to a few other UE4 devs about this before, but it always seems to circle back to "Is their OBS outdated?" which also feels like blaming the user rather than a in engine solution. I continue to look for ways to fix this, however I recently jumped to UE5, so here's to hoping that nonsense isn't a forward issue. :) 

Otherwise, if you do update your OBS and it suddenly runs clean, let me know! I hope you have a good day fam, thanks for checking out The Bends.

Happy to see you found your way out! :D You managed to avoid three other deaths before your escape. <3

Thanks for playing!

Ay, thanks for checking it out fam!

Sorry about the checkpoint thing, it was planned, but I ran out of time during the jam to add it in. I've thought a lot about doing an extended edition that would add other death events, more to explore, a small battle with the spider beast, and of course the highly requested respawn system. 

I am currently working on a different game called "The Ancient Ones Hate Me" but after I finish that I may return to this and work on the above mentioned changes. If that happens it would be a stand alone title which I will call "The Bends: Iron Lung".  <3

I didn't have enough time to make the options menu work. :(
Subtitles and a respawn system are at the top of my list if I ever go back to patch this. 

Thanks for playing it though! :D

Sorry to hear that you didn't have a good time playing the game, but thank you for checking it out. 

I'll have to look into this and find out why it's like that, I downloaded the Itch client to test it and got the same issue. Downloads fine on the main site though. 

Sorry for the issue fam. 

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Yes, just "feels better" on a controller IMHO.

WASD for movement, F for flashlight, Spacebar for Jumping, Q for Walkie-Talkie, and Shift to run. ESC exits the game and TAB pauses it.

I hope you enjoy it! :) 

I too wanted a checkpoint system, still might try to patch it in, but I am also entertaining the idea of an extended version of the game with more paths and a proper checkpoint system. 

Thank you for following the development and playing the game!! 💕 I'm glad you liked it.

Well, thank you for trying to record it! Sorry it didn't work. I'll keep researching what might cause that, I've had past concerns with this before with other games.

And thank you for playing! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it! :D

Thanks for the feedback! 

Just wondering, were you recording with OBS? 

Gonna send out some test builds soon Potato, hit me up in my discord and I'll make sure to give you the chance for early playthroughs. 

Loved it! I'd purchase a full game. 

Thank you for making this Johnny, my daughter and I look forward to future games by you/more Peeb!
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My daughter and I played through Peeb Adventures!


We discussed additional content for the game, but for now it is completed. 😁

You should be able to play it now 😁

I'll send you a discord message. :)

I will play every game on here, tonight. haha.

Here is the submission for our team ~

Played through it twice, first time because I enjoyed it. Second time because I was wondering if you would be attacked by something. Good stuff. 

Nice! Solid character.

Add me on discord and we can hash out the derails. I suppose if we are assembling a team from scratch, that puts us at a modeler and and programmer. Let's keep the ball rolling. Can we get a sound designer, animator and UI designer on board. 😁

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Hello, I am looking to join a team for this Jam. I have been modeling 3D assets since I was 15(3DS max) years old, 28 now and using Blender for modeling, and UE4 for engine work. though I have only been using UE4 for about a year. 

I use discord(PhantomSloth#6918)of course for teamwork, and if you would like to see some of the work I have done you can see small fragments of it on my twitter and youtube pages(links in my profile), though admitting, I am not particularly interested in posting to social media, so I have been meaning to put together a portfolio of sorts.  

Here is a quick example of the game I am building for my daughter. <-all assets except the wheels and the skeleton of the car are mine.