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A horror game, but with full lights on! · By IEP_Esy

=Bugs= Sticky

A topic by IEP_Esy created 77 days ago Views: 118 Replies: 4
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Hello everyone!

Well, as you know, I make a "Bugs" and "Ideas" section in my games' community and this game is not any different... It is, however, a small horror game, but who knows what kind of bugs or ideas would be found for it?!

Also, I will update this post with the bugs you give so that no one would be reporting the same bug.

1- Linux and Mac versions are not completely tested (I just made sure they run; someone test the whole aspects and report any problems that might occur)

First, thank you for uploading a Mac version. I tried downloading it, but the resulting zip file ( was invalid, and couldn't be extracted with any tool I tried. I downloaded the Windows and Linux versions, but couldn't extract those zip files either.


You're welcome. I'm very sorry; I zipped those with windows (compress option), If this has anything to do with it; does that mean I should  zip it with Mac too??

for a workaround, try this.

The Unarchiver (the app you linked) is my default unzipping tool, and the first one I tried. Weirdly, I downloaded the Mac version again just now to test again, and this time it extracted with zero difficulty. I had already deleted the file I'd downloaded originally, so I can't compare checksums on the new vs the old, but at least it's working now. Thanks for the quick reply.


Oh, well thank god! I thought I had to zip a file with my horrible Mac virtual machine :))) So enjoy the game!