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Two developer accounts? frowned upon?

A topic by Karen Crawford created Nov 14, 2016 Views: 263 Replies: 3
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I plan on starting to upload some games, but I would like to separate them mainly based on which ones are fast game jam type games, and some more serious long term projects. My concern is that free game jam type games might look unprofessional when I try to sell real games, so I was thinking it would be best to have two accounts.

Is that frowned upon? is it possible to use the same paypal account on two itch accounts?


On a related note, I would like some of my games to show up in the game jams they were part of, as well as global searches, but not on my profile -- or at least to have them pushed down to a secondary, less prominent display. Like a collection, come to think of it. Thanks!


If you concerned about jam games showing up with your name you could hide them from your profile. Having second accounts is not against the rules, but I think it's worth avoiding it if possible since it just makes things more difficult for you.

You can hide games from your profile by clicking "Edit theme" on your profile page. You should see the spot on the sidebar that appears.

Thank you, that is a great option!