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Hunters' Path - 4-Man Witch Hunting Party in top-down Dungeons - w/ Miniboss

A topic by hwilson created May 29, 2019 Views: 174 Replies: 3
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So I've ended up making something of a little slice of a game, drawing inspiration from 17th Century America and witch-hunting lore, early modern age warfare, etc.
Taking more than a bit of inspiration from Pike 'n Shot on TIGSource, this game has you command up to 4 types of Witch Hunters and roaming the spooky New England woods. Classes come with their unique weaponry:

  • Musketeer - single-shot musket, can use the Special Silver Bullets
  • Knight - armoured, has a short-range sword
  • Halberdier- uses a longer-ranged halberd
  • Gunner - armed with the latest (and slightly anachronistic) advances in technology - a sturdy Puckle Gun
  • Dragoon - uses a pepperbox percussion pistol

Plus, the purchasable Special Weapons:

  • Holy Water - like napalm to the unholy
  • Silver Bullets - allows the somewhat underpowered Musketeer to obliterate your enemies
  • Sacred Ashes - little chemical-burn landmines

It currently just takes you back to the menu after a bit of a tease of the next biome, but I'm pretty happy with how game feel so far has turned out - especially with the beefier enemy near the end of this segment :D

Screenshot links:

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3


Update - Church dungeons, graphics update, & more

Some nice QoL and content updates underway, plus you get to see what my debug object looks like :)

Updated demo build available - new area, mechanics, and visual effects

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