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that video was a big inspiration :)

Great video, thanks for playing :) Glad you appreciated pickup up all the weapons

Looks like I should give Boss #2 a HP buff :P Thanks for playing (again), glad you found the new combo moves

(also, all you need to do to go through an exit is let go of the d-pad)

I like how the blocks move in formation, and that destroying more important ones clears the stage so you don't have to chase down every single block. Nice work :)


New Boss just dropped

<3 I was hoping you'd co-op this. And I'm taking the anguished cry after beating the boss & getting sent back to the main menu to mean "please make more of this game"? :D

Thank you :) I plan on working on this some more, possibly adding to the mythos of the Cheetahmen. I'm thinking they should have their own vehicle since the Ninja Turtles have a custom van - maybe a Safari Jeep?

Also I found a way to use tiles for the arenas, instead of re-using the same big ol' sprites, while keeping all the janky code for depth sorting and such. So stay tuned :)

Thanks for trying it out, glad you had fun :) Enemies bouncing against walls was surprisingly tricky to get working right in code, but it was worth it

I guess these should be communicated more, but Special is Attack & Jump at the same time, and the Robo Knight only blocks if you hit him front-on while he's in his idle/traversal animation

Thanks for playing :)

Did you try the big Download button?

Your voice for the moles in the cave is perfect

I think it might be the most popular feature

PS - the dialogue about the King being the Tennis King is a reference to :)

Thanks for enjoying it :) and now I'll always be reading the player dialogue in a Mario voice in my brain

Thanks for having a good time with it :) that was a well deserved victory after those endbosses

aw yeah :) I was waiting for this

Glad I stumbled upon this - it's absolutely perfect for painting channel masks for mid-poly work, and my Substance etc muscle memory meant I could get started right away


Pinball Quest was a big inspiration for this :) thanks for playing, glad you figured out my attempt at an anti frustration feature in the Potion after failures routine

Love the thumbnail :D thanks for playing

To the Bowling King's dungeon you go!

Thank you for playing & supporting <3

Seems like you had a pretty easy time with the Devil Bowler. I lost all my HP to him a few times when testing the finishing touches

The game might get weird if you use controllers that aren't xbox pads - could that be it?

Thanks for the in-depth thoughts :) I was definitely going for a bit of "unique and weird" - one of my main inspirations was the weird Pinball Quest for NES

Puns so good they'll bowl you over

No blood = best blood

Also, if anyone gets stuck at a boss, you can change Spirit to Potion and grind the mook enemies (that drop Spirit items) to get HP back ;)

sprite polishing for character (inc protagonist) underway ;)

+ found a solution for accidental Quitting that works nicely with how my menu scripting is set up:

"having LEFT on the left, RIGHT on the right and STRAIGHT in the middle would feel more natural" - that is a FANTASTIC point and you're exactly right there. I'll use this order from now on :)

Thank you :) any suggestions for the full ver?

Thanks for trying it out - very glad you triggered the No Blood death :D
So I take it I could do with explaining all the controls better in the final version?

Thanks for playing :D I had a good laugh watching you keep up with the light

out of curiosity - did you customise your bowling ball much?

nope :)

Nope, just 100% a coding oversight on my part :)

Great to see some co-op going on <3

Total time was about a week, I think? Minus time taken up by a fulltime job of course. I've started keeping bits of useful code in good old .txt files to reuse to speed things up

So close :D thanks v much for playing, glad you enjoyed it

Thanks for playing :) it looks like your Rank in the church is getting brought down via using the Holy Water towards the end of the level (the rank system is not exactly the best bit of coding ever, so rank decreases near the end are the most damaging). Taking out the last crossbow cultists without bombing should let you S-Rank it