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There's some Nihei inspiration in this, right?

Thanks for the kind words :)

Which Bumpers did you use against the Champion?

technically I think there are 3 endings :P

Thanks for playing

Atmosphere, mystery, mind-screw, cool art, big jigglin' tiddies...

Loving everything so far <3 This is THE game I was actually excited for this year

Nice :) just what I was looking for

True, but it works enough for a jam game

I had the idea for this since I saw a Famicase entry - can't remember what it was called, or even what year it was from, but I remember looking at it and the (rough) idea for this game just kinda existed in my head since then. Jam was a good opportunity to make it a reality and have people enjoy it :)

ah, the "did you hear that?" barks come from when the AI "hears" combat but doesn't have line of sight. Though my implementation was probably a bit rushed and janky, since jam and all :P

Thanks for playing :)


Thanks for playing :) sounded like you had fun

Thanks for playing :)

I actually asked around at my day job re the dialogue pausing the gameplay or not :P It was tempting to have the flavour dialogue (aggro, item, etc) not stop everything - but the final sequence dialogue needed to be dramatic and in-focus, and I wasn't going to spend jam time on working out that separation.

Thanks for playing :)

If you do finish it, lemme know what you think? (without spoiling, the final sequence really ties the whole game together)

I was hoping the slow pace of movement would be seen as atmospheric maybe, but you're not the first to say it's slow so that's a very fair criticism. And yeah the boost is x-axis only - much easier to make everything in the jam time when all the mechanics, AI, etc treats the game basically like NARC on the NES

I enjoyed this, it reminds me of Galaxy Force :) The trails on the enemies help keep track of things even when they're coming in from all over the place, which is nice. Though it felt like either it was hard to land shots on them, or I wasn't getting obvious feedback when I was, either one. And enemy projectiles seem to get hard to react to with their speed, or it's just a skill issue on my part.

Thanks for playing :)

The disconnect between hor/vert movement being an issue I can understand. It was partially a nice time saving for me, and partially because I have experience coding this kind of movement & AI for side-scrolling beat-em-ups. But it's not ideal when you also have the Y axis to be moving around on.

The AI was something I could have just fiddled with until way past the jam deadline. In the end I decided it was good enough, and in most cases it does the job. A previous iteration was especially goofy as your squadmates would try to go collect an Item, then realise they're a tiny bit far away from you and run back, rinse and repeat.

You're not the first person to mention not knowing where to go, which surprises me. I thought that with the small level size, the colour-coded barriers/walls, and the glimpse of the Red Keycard in the start room it would be fine. But I guess I need to brush up on my level design skills

It was refreshing to have to Spider-Man around the environment as well as just "shoot the waves of bad guys". Nice aesthetic too, like a game adaption of a cartoon made to sell a toy line (in a good way). 

Though I was confused as to how I could be shooting behind me, over my own shoulder, with nothing in terms of animation or VFX (that I could see) to tell me how that was happening :P

I think something broke when I tried to play? Since I see there's an audio credit but I couldn't hear anything (even as presumably enemies zoomed past me at 1000mph)

Love the interpretation of a mech that's outside the "generic glowy sci-fi" type, and it's realised with a nice art style - it's like I'm stomping over a Fire Emblem map but in lowpoly :)

Maybe I needed to just get to know the game better, but I felt like I could just line myself up in a good position and spam spell attacks without being punished or forced to change tactics?

Also, these poor citizens. Clearly so much money was invested into magic mech R&D that nobody could afford any windows for their houses.

Loved your reaction to the final bit :D

<3 I think you experienced the game exactly as I intended, so that makes me happy. Like saying thanks to Rex when he picked up an item :D

(everyone hates Chip, the rest of the crew make him do all their laundry)

Thanks :) I'll probably end up making another game in this style, but with all I've learned from the feedback on this one, and playing some actual video pinball in my spare time, etc - keep an eye out

10/10 thumbnail

Nah, maybe one day I'll learn how to do that too :P


Sounds like you had a fun time with this, and I had a great time seeing your reactions. Thanks for giving it a spin :)

Nice :) it gave me a tough time on Medium, though my trash 800 rated self was able to get the win with a queen sac. How strong is it at max difficulty?

Apologies for the delay, new version "fix2" should solve your problem :)

Oops, my fault. I can upload a fixed version when I get the time :)

Uploaded a version with a fix for that, thanks for the heads up :)

As of v0.5, locks/unlocks for stages are 100% ignored, so Stage Select can go to any stage. Should make things less frustrating ;

so I get the impression that everyone hates the RUST DEVIL stage so far... :P

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You should be able to get 2 of the 3 God Bumpers in any playthrough (Museum after beating all Gauntlets & beating Champion). The 3rd doesn't appear ingame, much like how YuGiOh Sacred Cards (gba) never actually lets the player use The Winged Dragon of Ra (and I never found a good place to put the last God)

Glad you had fun :) What was your team for beating the Champ?

(1 edit)

Done! :)

disclaimer: the music might not be working - had a v strange issue after opening the project in GMS and now the game's music system just does not work, for seemingly no reason

I'm happy the stuff going on in the background didn't go unnoticed, like the tanks rolling over the houses :)

You'll get that S Rank someday, I believe in you

Anyone is free to do anything with whatever I upload (barring SFX I got from other people that require attribution etc) Sooo let's say CC0, No Rights Reserved, unless there's a license that gives people even more freedom if they're inclined to poke around. In which case that one :)

Also I'm happy to send over source code (if I still have it) for anything if I get an email about it

Give us Hard Mode details on Halloween, call it the Enfrightenment Update >:3

Metal Walker was one of the inspirations for this :) so that's good to hear

Then they'd have another sword-user, fans would complain :P


the Poison Mushroom pickup also killed me plenty during testing, those gold ninjas are bastards

Just discovered this, love the genre blending. Had a goofy smile when I realised the enemies could shoot each other :)

How did you handle player movement? It feels like something between free moving and grid-based, kinda similar to the NES ver of Pac-Man CE

The cockpit & camera setup is really nice, just wish the static was animated ;) Eventually I learned how to not bump into the walls/obstacles every time and that felt really nice to master, like learning how to handle a forklift IRL