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Things in progress & planned:

  • Overworld
  • Inn (fully restore HP and MP outside of Battle, for a bit of Gold)
  • Hint Mechanics (3x consumables for highlighting cards the same as the one you have selected)
  • Attacks, Magic Attacks, & Critical Attacks scale up damage dealt based on Chain/combo length
  • More Enemy variety - things like shield-using enemies, Golems that are immune to normal attacks, Magic or Eldritch creatures that shuffle your cards, Thieves/Rogues that can steal small amounts of your Gold, etc...

Hey all,

I had an idea for this quirky mashup thing, so I spent my weekend getting it to a working and sort-of-presentable state:

Download Link

The battle system is the same kind of flip/matching game from the Toad Houses we all remember (right?) but I've tried to also make some kind of strategy viable - once you know where some of the matching pairs are, there's usually an optimal order of execution.

This build has a few simple enemies, 8 types of Item/Action cards to match in pairs, saving and loading, and 2 types of upgrade shops you visit between battles. This build also has debug commands mapped to some unused keyboard buttons, so by all means feel free to mash your keyboard, but you might end up with some weird results ;)

Any and all feedback very much welcome - as well as a heads up if something breaks during gameplay. Most things should be pretty solid, but you know how it goes.

Great mood and worldbuilding :)
Though I did manage to get stuck on a ledge - seems some will block you because you need to pass through the glyph barrier, but some ledges you can drop down from?


I had the idea for this a while ago - something like Battle Clash/Metal Combat on the SNES, but darker, with a heavy dose of Nihei inspiration. You might also be able to tell I've been rewatching Evangelion. Essentially, shoot off body parts, shoot their projectiles before they reach you, then blast their core for massive damage:

Link to Page

Just like everything I seem to make, who knows if it will ever get expanded on, but it's loads of fun getting ideas to a playable state :D On the plus side, I gave this one toggleable pop-up tutorials.

  • Mouse Left - Fire
  • MouseWheel - Firing Mode (Beam/Burst)

If you happen to own one of these, this will probably be pretty cool :)

There's an updated version (build no. 26) with more tutorial stuff in, some balancing, and overall new stuff if you're interested :)

Updated demo build available - new area, mechanics, and visual effects

Hi, thanks so much for taking the time to play. Adding some tutorial stuff & gameplay hints right away

Update - Church dungeons, graphics update, & more

Some nice QoL and content updates underway, plus you get to see what my debug object looks like :) Page


So I've ended up making something of a little slice of a game, drawing inspiration from 17th Century America and witch-hunting lore, early modern age warfare, etc.
Taking more than a bit of inspiration from Pike 'n Shot on TIGSource, this game has you command up to 4 types of Witch Hunters and roaming the spooky New England woods. Classes come with their unique weaponry:

  • Musketeer - single-shot musket, can use the Special Silver Bullets
  • Knight - armoured, has a short-range sword
  • Halberdier- uses a longer-ranged halberd
  • Gunner - armed with the latest (and slightly anachronistic) advances in technology - a sturdy Puckle Gun
  • Dragoon - uses a pepperbox percussion pistol

Plus, the purchasable Special Weapons:

  • Holy Water - like napalm to the unholy
  • Silver Bullets - allows the somewhat underpowered Musketeer to obliterate your enemies
  • Sacred Ashes - little chemical-burn landmines

It currently just takes you back to the menu after a bit of a tease of the next biome, but I'm pretty happy with how game feel so far has turned out - especially with the beefier enemy near the end of this segment :D

Screenshot links:

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3