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Refinery and Release/Creation Date?

A topic by HOF Studios created Nov 08, 2016 Views: 285 Replies: 2
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Hi, I've been developing a game on Refinery for a while and using it to give access to my team and a group of testers, journalists, etc. in advance of the launch of the demo of the game. When I made the demo public, it did not appear on the "Recently added" list of games which I assume means that you are sorting the games by the original creation date.

I'm concerned that this resulted in my game not getting much traffic (except what I pushed from an email blast and social posts and a few category searches on itch) and possibly kept it from being considered for a feature spot on the itch homepage since perhaps your editors missed it too. This is pretty serious to me as a small developer who has invested a lot of time and money in bringing a polished game demo to market.


Hey there,

I agree! I've posted a report on our issue tracker so we can get that fixed:

Thanks for responding. I really want to make sure that my game was considered for being featured. Is there something I can do?