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Journey of Kethrum - Text Based RPG

A topic by Wolfenrahd created Nov 07, 2016 Views: 282 Replies: 7
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11/7/2016 This a text based game in the console that I have been working on. I plan on uploading it to the site in maybe a week or so. I've been creating different systems such as combat and the like. Lately, I created an inventory system. I am currently making a boss and an item shop. If anyone's interested I could give out a link to an earlier version.


How about some screenshots?

I didn't think it needed any at first, since it was text based, but I'll try to add some soon.

Hey did you get the idea to make this from my game? (If so it's OK I was just wondering)

I started this before I found your game. I originally started to test my skills, but as it grew bigger, I decided to keep making it.

Oh cool!

I can help you out with your game if you'd like.

I think I'm OK but thanks for offering!