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More corners to cram dialogue into

A topic by Chroyo created Nov 06, 2016 Views: 216 Replies: 5
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Correct me if any of these are already in the game
  • Dialogue for when you try to attack upgrade bot
  • Dialogue for when you try to attack the glass between the upgrade room and the escape route
  • Dialogue for when you try to attack the crowd
  • Dialogue for when you try to attack the screens on which the announcers are
  • Dialogue for when you try to fire at the emperor
  • Dialogue for when you try smash up a dead bot
  • Dialogue for when you try to attack the recycler bots
  • Dialogue Dialogue for wildly waving the sword
  • Dialogue for when you die by saw
  • Special dialouge for certain favourite colours/names/occupations
  • Special dialogue for top-tier upgrades
  • Dialogue for dying on the fist round
  • Dialogue for being decapitated/dismembered
There are probably a million more, I just got tired of saying dialogue c:

This is great! Some of these I hadn't thought of. :D

Will definitely add more reactive dialogue in the future.

ya there so much you could do
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Here's a few:

  • Dialogue when you're idling in an active level (the level has been going on too long)
  • Dialogue when you're idling in the intermission/upgrade area for too long
  • Dialogue for choosing not to upgrade your robot

How about this?

  • Dialogue for hanging around in the menu for too long
  • Special dialogue for some 'Easter Egg' names and occupations after the human is made.

Nice idea! I always wanted more comments, I mean, the name of the commentator is LITTERALY Commentatron, and he doesn't "comment" He just warns about some stuff so actual commentating on his (and Analysis-Bot's) part would be awesome!

I've got some ideas:

C= Commentatron, A=Analysis-Bot, E=Emperor

(If you don't upgrade): C: Hmmmm, strange, the human didn't upgrade. A: Maybe it's fully upgraded?

(If you shoot an arrow at the Emperor): A: SECURITY ROBOTS, ELIMINATE THE HUMAN! E: HAHAHAHA It barely scratched!

(If you lose a leg): A: The human lost a leg! C: It's funny watching it hopping, haha

(If you mow down a robot after it dies): C: Such bloodshed! A: Robots don't bleed. C: It's a human metaphor!

(If you lose an arm): C: The human lost it's left arm! A: Too bad it wasn't the right arm, because it would be disclassified for having no weapon!