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Is Game Maker compatible with

A topic by NathanS48 created Nov 05, 2016 Views: 315 Replies: 4
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I just found out about this website and I was wondering if it is possible to take a game from Game Maker and put it on here



If you make a Windows/Mac/Linux build of your game then you can upload the files. If you make an HTML5 build then you can have it play directly in your game's page. Check here: Uploading HTML5 games

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Thanks for the quick answer! I got another thing to ask though :)

I'm super new to the whole being a game designer thing and I need a place to start, and I think I found my place! I'd just like to have a whole bunch of names to engines that supports. Can you list names off of the tip of your head for me? Thanks :D

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Any game engine should work, are you trying to have your game playable in a browser or be downloadable?

probably in a browser so people won't think viruses COULD be hiding in there