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Gif Images Larger than 3MB?

A topic by Interdimensional Space Wizards created Nov 04, 2016 Views: 556 Replies: 2
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I would love to showcase longer GIFs of my game, but because it's 2D/3D it has a lot of coo lighting effects that blow up the filesize. Is there a way to host GIFs on something like imgur and post them on the sidebar where screenshots normally go? I'd like to put these gifs on the Combat Jr page to replace some of the screenshots, but I can't figure out how?


You can embed images into the description of your game page by pasting the link then hitting enter on your keyboard. For screenshots we have to set a limit to make sure users aren't downloading an unreasonable amount of images when we show screenshots for a game.

By the way, we do not support BB code, but use a rich text editor instead.

Is there a way to place these where the screenshots would be? We like the formating of text left and images right. Should I be referencing a resource on how to format our page?