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Downloading of HTML5 Games?

A topic by Second Dimension Games created Nov 04, 2016 Views: 1,267 Replies: 2
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Hi everyone, I have a few questions about the downloading of HTML5 games. All the games on my account are HTML5 and marked as 'To be Played in the Browser', however I noticed on my analytics page that there have been 3 downloads. Does this mean the zip file containing the game data has been downloaded? I couldn't see a way to actually do this from the game page.
If I mark the game as 'Hide this File and Prevent it from Being Downloaded', will that stop the ability to download the zip file without stopping people playing the game in browser? Any advice on this would be appreciated, thanks


Hey, one possibility could be people using the app to play the game — that would count as a download.

Ah OK, maybe that explains it. Thanks!