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SoulLess City - Creepy Adventure game

A topic by Rubeki created Nov 04, 2016 Views: 402 Replies: 9
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Soul Less City is a surreal horror walking simulator where the end goal is not exactly clear. You have to explore the city and interact with what/who you see in order to figure out the purpose.

It was inspired by games such as:
- Silent Hill
- The Witness
- Imscared
- The Beginner's Guide

I've been working on this game for a few months now, and I believe I finally have something I'm proud to show off. If I finish this it will be the first game project I've ever actually finished, so crossing fingers!

It's fairly far into development - I'd say Alpha stage at the moment - but I plan to release it commercially, so I'm looking for any feedback or discussion that I can use to make the game better.

Well that trailer certainly creeped my out... success! hehehe

Thats good to hear! Thanks for the feedback.

Here's some progress shots:

More Screenshots!

I like the trailer's atmosphere! The sound-design does a very good job.

I'm wondering: does it have jump-scares?


It does have jump scares, however that isn't a core mechanic, so don't expect it to constantly try and scare you.

It's more about atmosphere and exploration.

A test of a new sprite system I'm working on for NPCs:

Looks like a pretty demented NPC hehehe.

You don't by any chance need someone to make some suitably dark music/drones for SoulLess City? I would absolutely love to offer my help if you are in need of it :)

Anyhoo, looking forward to more updates!