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Hi everyone,

I've been working on a new Rolodex arena selection system. This should be more extensible! ie. adding new arenas should be much easier.

Free demo now available on the main page! >>> https://rubeki.itch.io/hover-tank-battle-league

Great! Let me know when they're ready :)

Yea sure! What game are you gonna contribute? Critical Annihilation?

Let's get some more in on the bundle too.

Another day, another arena :)

And the final Winter Wonderland arena design:

Note that I'm wandering in local multiplayer mode so I don't get shot!

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Hello all,

Hover Tank Battle League is a small, local multiplayer game for Windows. The game features:

  • Local multiplayer tank dueling!
  • Supports Xbox and Ps4 controllers
  • Single player mode against bot with keyboard and mouse support
  • 4 arenas

You can buy it here and get free updates! -> https://rubeki.itch.io/hover-tank-battle-league

I'm currently in development of the first update round, which includes:

  • 4 new, larger arenas
  • Improved AI for single player fun
  • AI vs AI mode (This one's gonna be fun :D)
  • Mac version (May not support all Xbox controllers!)
  • Improved graphics

Below is a video of the first large arena - a WIP, but near complete - and some screenshots of the game

Any feedback would be appreciated :)

A long time ago - and I mean a LOOONNNGGG time ago - I saw a making of documentary for Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion, an N64 game! It aired on the discovery channel of all places.

I can't for the life of me find it anywhere online, but if anyone knows where I can watch or download it, I would greatly appreciate it.

It was the first making-of documentary I've ever seen, and It's what got me into game development.

Would anyone like to collab on one? I feel like it would be cool to have a bunch of these type of games to play at a get-together.

Here's my game: https://rubeki.itch.io/hover-tank-battle-league

Let me know!

Hello everyone,

I'm Rubeki, I'm a solo indie developer I do just about everything from modelling to sound effects, to programming. Music is tough however so I try to go public domain whenever I can.

I will try to use the blender game engine alone for all my projects, since I have a long history with it. Let's see how far it takes me!

I have only released one game so far, but I'm very proud!

Hover Tank Battle League is a small, local multiplayer game for Windows.

Have fun destroying your friends in a hover tank duel!

  • Local multiplayer goodness
  • Supports Xbox and Ps4 controllers
  • Single player mode against a bot with keyboard and mouse support
  • 4 arenas

A test of a new sprite system I'm working on for NPCs:


It does have jump scares, however that isn't a core mechanic, so don't expect it to constantly try and scare you.

It's more about atmosphere and exploration.

More Screenshots!

Thats good to hear! Thanks for the feedback.

Here's some progress shots:

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Soul Less City is a surreal horror walking simulator where the end goal is not exactly clear. You have to explore the city and interact with what/who you see in order to figure out the purpose.

It was inspired by games such as:
- Silent Hill
- The Witness
- Imscared
- The Beginner's Guide

I've been working on this game for a few months now, and I believe I finally have something I'm proud to show off. If I finish this it will be the first game project I've ever actually finished, so crossing fingers!

It's fairly far into development - I'd say Alpha stage at the moment - but I plan to release it commercially, so I'm looking for any feedback or discussion that I can use to make the game better.