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Thanks for playing, and leaving feedback!

And yeah I agree, some spawn spots need optimization

There should be   8 levels    in the final game, and a secret unlockable challenge level for each one as well. :)

LOL nice

Glad you enjoyed!

Just FYI, the version separate from the HPS1 demo is longer.

So if you download from this page, or from Steam, it's much lengthier :)

haha, was it the  hallway jumpscare? :D

I'm very sorry. You must have been terrified

Thanks! I figured fellow devs would find it interesting. Like a more intimate making-of

Yes :)

Awesome! Can't wait for the upload :)

Glad you loved it so much! Stay tuned for more!

Such a novel idea! Played through it in one sitting, it was fantastic.

Very cool! If you like speedrunning, you're in for a treat with my next release  based on this game :)

Thanks for playing! Enjoyed your video as usual.

This is a completely different mechanic from Hatch - I  used Due to test it, and This game to test it further. There is also a new climbing mechanic I made that allows you do go around corners  FYI. It's also  more forgiving if you miss-press the jump button. You can test it out in the Beta Sandbox if you're curious :)

And for anybody else seeing this, Vo0do0leW is a wonderful Youtuber - you should definitely check out his channel!

Thanks for the high praise!

And thanks for introducing me to two interesting games :)

Glad you reached the top!

I responded to the feedback Discord :)

Hmmm. what do you mean by manual control of climbing axes?

Also have you tried the mechanic-testing sandbox? I've made MANY improvements to the climbing mechanic there that haven't been incorporated into the jam game.

In the sandbox you can climb around corners, the ledge climbing and wall clinging are much more predictable, as well as a larger variety in jumping puzzles to test the mechanic in.

It does, but if you go back down it will also re-enable. But if you're on the right side of the tower you can make it all the way down!

Technically, you cooooould jump off right before you reach the top :D

I'm sorry, I don't know how to implement the re-mapping

Glad you enjoyed it!

I get that feedback a lot about the final area. I did want the player to be punished a little ...

But I went overboard. My future games will definitely not have large mazes.

Thanks for the feedback :)

Haha, yes I commissioned that from Trevor.

It's absolutely terrifying!

Also that background picture is from my apartment building's stariwell :D

Awesome! Feel free to upload here :)

Thanks for the feedback!

Do you have a twitter account? I can send you a personal discord link if you DM me. I have no idea why these public ones don't work!

re: the climbing. It would be good to discuss on discord in detail.

One note is that when you're on a wall and jump off, the jump force is applied in the direction you're looking at. So the angle you're looking at matters.

As for the cornering (switching faces?) That is something I need to work on. Highlighting specific examples or areas in the sandbox will help! :)

Let me know if you want to join the Discord :)

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I work like a machine since there isn't much else to do during this pandemic. I feel like I've watched everything on Netflix... :(

Odd that the Discord link doesn't work... Can you DM me on twitter? I can send you a personal link.

1) interesting. I'll have to try and replicate this

2) Yeah this one is the worst, I have a plan on how to fix it, just gotta try it. It does happen at the edge of wall faces. I think on all 4 edges.

3) I'd need more specific instructions on how to replicate - or a video perhaps. Let's try and get you set up on Discord!

And on how the game will eventually be, I plan on making it slower and more methodical, with optional portions that are very difficult to get to, or even secrets that are little sandbox levels like this one. This current layout is so that I can test as many gameplay elements as possible in a densely packed area. So no NPCs, story, or pacing at all.

Right now, my vision is something like Darksouls mood and pace, with a Mario 64 gameplay loop (not necessarily the jumpiness). But let's see how it pans out...

Glad to hear!

Stay tuned for Kill The KOTH dev log updates; I am planning to make it a commercial game after some polish.

I also plan on making a sandbox mode people to play around with new mechanics / ideas I have until the commercial version has a solid development / marketing plan.

Sick vibe!

Glad you liked it

I am actually working on a full game using this climbing mechanic. It will be a remake of Kill the K.O.T.H.

Check it out here:

Woops! Thanks, should be fixed now

Thank you! I'm pretty excited :D

Ok, that sounds a bit like option 2 to me

I actually just saw a video of this.

I never implemented pausing, but the pre-made asset I built the climbing mechanic ontop of had an un-documented pause feature!

It's been patched. No pausing anymore :)

Thanks for the specific feedback, Dunamis!

I indeed still have a lot of work to do polishing the movements. As some of the other comments mentioned, these are things I didn't catch when testing, so I'm glad I shared it with the wider public.

Progression can likely be fixed with more environmental cues, I'll keep this in mind.

A lot of these issues are due to the fact that it's a jam game I finished in about 4 days or so. I hope this doesn't put you off from the potential of the mechanic to be used in full games.

I'll likely continue to release small demos like this as I polish the climbing mechanic. When it's done I will work on a full game and take more time to polish it up.

Hope you enjoyed nonetheless, and that you follow my work! :)

I think I enabled public messages on twitter:

You can message me there

Hey Edit, please DM :P

Hmmm. You've given me a lot to think about... I like the shadow of collosus + restoring water to the land that was horded by a tyrant idea. It's a simple reason to build many levels, but around an overworld map. Might be a bit ambitious though - since an open world demands a lot more tech, and I am one person.

Also just FYI, the killing of the king is supposed to be like the flag at the end of old mario levels. Just a satisfying finish-line ritual - but everyone was expecting a boss fight it seems :P

There shouldn't be a pause button...

When you jump off a wall, it will apply force in the direction you're looking at. Is that the same thing you are describing?

I am exploring the idea of an open world game with this mechanic. Where you have to progressively climb more trecherous towers to kill more Tyranous kings.

An alternative is a level based one with a central hub (like Doom) + a level editor and ranks like Mario maker

Or perhaps something where you have to keep going higher to more difficult climbs, and somebody holds the world record as the king of the hill (or tower in this case...)

I have some thinking to do...

Fog is just atmospheric as Edit pointed out, I kept it to obfuscate the fact that there isn't much terrain  besides what you interact with :P

I'm exploring the idea of making a puzzle-like climbing game. Ripe for speed-running and all. Definitely will build on this mechanic, since it's near and dear to me.

If you want a bit more of a challenge, you can hunt the 4 notes. They are in harder to reach areas :)