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Hmmm. what do you mean by manual control of climbing axes?

Also have you tried the mechanic-testing sandbox? I've made MANY improvements to the climbing mechanic there that haven't been incorporated into the jam game.

In the sandbox you can climb around corners, the ledge climbing and wall clinging are much more predictable, as well as a larger variety in jumping puzzles to test the mechanic in.

I'll give the sandbox a try. By manual control, I mean... For example, in Titanfall, you can plant yourself on a wall in place by aiming down the sights while wallrunning. It's a manual action you have to consciously make. For the axes here in your game, they seem to grab on their own as long as you're moving towards a wall facing the proper direction. It's all preference, but I would like if I had to, say, constantly hold spacebar to stay latched to a wall, and release to drop. Maybe alternating mouse buttons to climb up would be a step too far, though.