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There's no way to stream over discord. Usually an option pops up to directly stream any other game on discord, this one doesn't work with that. recording the screen itself of course yields no sound, and only shows desktop anyway if I'm fullscreen'd.

Also the M113 is immune to 3BK5M HEAT to the front, according to the 5 or so shots this one just ate before I had to machinegun the commander's skull.

Seems like the laser rangefinder on the M60 doesn't work. Or, it stopped working. Was working fine in the shooting range, tried the campaign mission and... nothing. E does nothing.

Just checked out your twitch, how you likin' that SP5? Is it worth getting without a stock? Totally off topic but hey.

I'll give the sandbox a try. By manual control, I mean... For example, in Titanfall, you can plant yourself on a wall in place by aiming down the sights while wallrunning. It's a manual action you have to consciously make. For the axes here in your game, they seem to grab on their own as long as you're moving towards a wall facing the proper direction. It's all preference, but I would like if I had to, say, constantly hold spacebar to stay latched to a wall, and release to drop. Maybe alternating mouse buttons to climb up would be a step too far, though.

Seems like a lot of the time I'm sliding off of walls I should be grappling on to. Not the best feedback. Would much prefer a manual control of the climbing axes so I could know for sure I'm gonna lock on, as opposed to making leaps and just hoping the game decides to grip me to the wall.

Mouse keeps leaving the game...

Fun little meme game.

Awesome, thanks!

I love the Sneaky Semple...

LOVE it so far. EXACTLY what I wanted from WarThunder's addition of MBTs, but without smashing my keyboard to bits after getting one shotted from a klick away and looking at the repair bill.

Question: Are there full controls listed anywhere? I ran out of ammo in the bustle and need to replenish from stowage but none of the side controls say how.