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I don't see why not...

Is the Mac version not working for you now?

i haven’t tried downloading it from here, but the steam page warns that it isn’t comparable with post Catalina OSs and I couldn’t find anything specific here if it would or wouldn’t, though I might just not know where to look. Thanks

Oh really? I wan't aware of this at all, they approved all the builds...

I'll figure out how to test that when the OS is out. Thanks for the heads up

when what OS is out? Catalina was 10.15, the current one is already past that. The issue that might be present is that that was the last MacOS to have a 32-bit processing, the ones after that are all only 64-bit, I believe, I’m not much of a computer guy. I’ve got a bunch of other games that I got before I updated and am no longer able to play because of that. 

Actually, sorry, I typed all that up and then I decided to try and testing the download, the one on steam, and despite the warning it does work, so I’m leaving what I typed up because it might be relevant at least at least just something you might wanna think about. This is the first game at least that I tested though that was able to play despite that warning. I am very excited and hope I can run it at a reasonable level of smoothness

Ah ok - I am not up to speed with Mac Oses!

The build should work for either 32 or 64bit Mac OS, so that warning on Steam maybe is just in case?

Anyway thanks for testing

the build does work and the game is... ooh i think we have something special here. Still though, pretty weird that Steam doesn't think it will, I wish I could help more.

On an unrelated note, would there happen to be a FOV setting that I may have not noticed or if there isnt do you have any plans to implement one in the future? personally i would like just a slightly wider one than at least the default and I know the desired FOV can be different for each person? either way, im very pleased to say that on my slightly out of date and heavily abused MacBook Air (too many 4x games make battery go fat), with only a tiny bit of fiddling in the graphics settings, it was able to run very smoothly, though when I lowered the resolution (not necessary for it to be smooth, though other games it often is so I tested that), the selection boxes were weird and glitchey, like the little box of light around an option when the mouse is over it, they looked slightly fragmented with the resolution just one thing lower than the default and that was not there for the default. Could be a cool effect but I assume it isnt intentional considering it is inconsistent between resolutions. Good luck, and I am looking forwards to the full game!

There is indeed an FOV setting under Settings > Gameplay > FOV

It is a slider!

What is your resolution btw?

ah, ok, thanks, I think I just missed it. My resolution is I think on 1200x800 and the one right below that was the one with the slightly wonked-out textures

Ok thanks, I'll test this on my end.


no problem, happy I could help with such a great game