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Has anyone uploaded multiple apks to the Play Store?

A topic by gogdu created 78 days ago Views: 77 Replies: 4
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I'm going to upload another apk for each architecture

I saw this and created an apk file that uses the same package name and uses the same sign but has a different version code

And I tried to upload multiple apks at once before releasing the game

'Completely replaced apk'

The game will not launch with this error

What did I do wrong?

There is no one around me to ask.

I do not get any information in my country's internet

I'm completely exhausted.

You only use that to upload different APK that work with different phones, not upload apk with different versions.

Example: APK1 only works with andorid 5 but APK2 works with android 4.4 or lower, however APK3 is better for android 7 or newer.

That document states that it supports other architectures as well as other mobile phones.

And the rule states that you need to upload it with a different version code.

Did I misunderstand?

I read it using a google translator.

Yes different version code but the APK must work in a different device. Like i said android 4.4 is not the same like android 5 or newer models. Phones with android 7 or better have more stuff than android 5 or less. So in a easy to understand way:

android phones 4.4 are different than newer models which require more understanding on them. This could be version code 11111

android phones 5 or newer are common and very targeted because it has greater specs than 4.4 or lower. This could be version code 22222

android 7 and newer have finger print secrtity, better spec than android 5 and is offen used by richer people. This could be version 33333

Then you have android watch, if you program it right that could be version 44444

Android car version could be 55555

The list goes on, When they ask for different version code it is only used to help google fit in the right code. A article explaining it in more detail:

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We've never used different APKs for different architectures for any of our games, but want to try and help. The Google Multiple APKs document states "Google Play then supplies each APK to the appropriate devices based on configuration support you've declared in the manifest file of each APK" so it looks like you need to have some differences in each App Manifest file between your different versions.

As for what those differences are, the best info we could find was how they work with Filters which are described here and in more detail here. Good luck and we hope you can get it to work.