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Ruby quick guide recommendations?

A topic by rsbrowndog created 30 days ago Views: 369 Replies: 5
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I'm new to Ruby, can anyone recommend a good guide to get me up and running with the language?



It's perhaps geared more towards people who are new to programming, but I have to link to why's (poignant) guide to ruby just in case it can reach new readers.

I'm fond of if you're already a programmer but just want to pick up on some of the quick syntax bits.

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Try it out:

Simple introduction:

Documentation for review:

Challenges to learn the fundamentals:

More advanced challenges:

I have a whole list of "learning ruby" resources, for once you get past the bare basics of learning to program. Next Steps for Learning Ruby

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Try out Sololearn, it's wonderful and explains all concepts in a very easy to understand way. It just gets straight to the point and is interactive. It's available for web browser, and both iOS and Android. It's also great as it helps you apply concepts you learn right within the app, plus a great community :)

I've also heard Exercism is great

And that CodeAcadeny is decent