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Amazing work guys! Keep the updates coming!

Oh awesome! I didn't know about that. That should work great.

Is it currently possible to use the Sublime Text 3 Editor with the the Dragon Ruby Toolkit?

" ... a simple tool that packs a collection of images efficiently and writes out a .png and some metadata for rectangle positions?"

I think that would be brilliant! That would really streamline the process. Are further spritesheet features currently  planned on the roadmap?

Is there currently spritesheet support for defining sprites and animations?

Didn’t know it was possible to sign an app to the AppStore without a Mac.. Thanks for the guide!

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Try out Sololearn, it's wonderful and explains all concepts in a very easy to understand way. It just gets straight to the point and is interactive. It's available for web browser, and both iOS and Android. It's also great as it helps you apply concepts you learn right within the app, plus a great community :)

I've also heard Exercism is great

And that CodeAcadeny is decent

Thanks for the quick response! Exactly what I was looking for.

How can I test a project on mobile?

Also,  what is the current status for compiling for Android / Play Store? I imagine the process is much more straightforward.

I'm also curious, when will there be a DragonRuby website? I'd love to contribute and help build it if possible with no charge to you guys- I've created several websites before.

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Is there a DragonRuby website that contains docs, tutorials, etc. ?

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How does one compile a completed project to Android / iOS? Any docs with more info?