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Fallout PBtA

A topic by slasherepoch created Apr 09, 2019 Views: 2,106 Replies: 3
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It's not a perfect fit, and I'm sure there's typos and problems a-plenty, but it's something I made to tide me over until the Mophidius adaptation of my favorite computer game arrives: Fallout PBtA

I've done exactly one playtest and the wheels didn't come off, which is an outstanding success in my book.

Ooh, that looks pretty cool.  I like how you broke up the Fallout weapon skills into different weapon moves.  
Did using the SPECIAL stats cause any difficulties in your playtest?  I think this is the first PBTA game I've seen to use 7 stats.


Yeah, it caused some difficulties, as the five "vanilla" stats are broad and evocative and I have a good idea what those are for. There's some clear parallels - Charisma/Hot, Weird/Luck - but Hard winds up split up a bit depending on what you're trying to accomplish and Intelligence doesn't cover everything that Sharp does, and Cool? fuggedaboutit, as they say.

So I tried to compensate in other ways: Endurance isn't used much, but you wind up with more health if you have it. Agility is used way too much, but not by's not 100% successful. I'm not sure how to fix it and I'm open to ideas.