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Iterate Onwards

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This is suck a good story! I love it.

This is so good! They're both so hot, and I can't wait to see more

Such a good comic! This is a great pairing

Wonderful art! So hot and so sweet!

This is a fun little generator. I know it's meant to be silly, but it still sometimes spits out some interesting prompts. 👍

Thank you for making an audio version of this! I'd already gotten a text copy, but I really prefer the audio medium. Clockwork Sapphire gives a great performance!

I'm thinking about doing game about cowhands where the one move is 'tend the cows' (or something). Complications and drama can spin-off from what happens while you tend the cows, but the cows are the main focus of the characters.

The playbook explores interesting stories not previously covered in Masks, and it uses innovative mechanics.

This is a fun collection of short games. Thank you for providing them.

That is such a good review, I think I'm going to steal it. 
Thank you for leaving a really great comment.

That sounds really neat! I'm excited to see how it turns out.

Ooh, that looks pretty cool.  I like how you broke up the Fallout weapon skills into different weapon moves.  
Did using the SPECIAL stats cause any difficulties in your playtest?  I think this is the first PBTA game I've seen to use 7 stats.

Huh, alright.  I think I get it.  Thanks for elaborating.

Ah, okay.  That makes sense.  Thank you.

Ooh, this is a fun minigame.  It looks like it would be a good supplement to a 'scoundrel game' .

I do have a couple questions.  I'm having a little trouble understanding the 'bureaucracy' clock.  Only faction of tier 4 or above have one , right?  All it seems to do is to inflict extra tress on bigger factions, and I don't understand why it does that.

Also, the game mentions you get one fewer actions when you're at war.  Maybe I'm missing it, but I don't see how many actions you start with.

That's very helpful.  Thank you.

Initially, I was hesitant to play game about such a sad and weighty topic, like end of life decisions, but the game proved to be very engaging.  Everyone in my group walked away glad they'd played.