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AI-KA - a 2D singleplayer metroidvania-style game

A topic by LaggingWinds created Oct 14, 2016 Views: 1,229 Replies: 6
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AI-KA is a 2D metroidvania-style plataformer where you explore a massive maze-like lab facility full of mechanical and biological creatures that will destroy you on sight. You have the ability to "pixelate" and dematerialize yourself into pixels, allowing you to fly with zero gravity and hack the enemy bots to control or paralyze them. But beware, they can also hack you back.

Small gameplay of my most 'completed' scene:

Overall Game idea:

  • 2D single player metroidvania
  • Colossally huge Maze-like lab facility tower (meaning, it's gonna have many sectors and maps)
  • Different mini Biomes/sectors (where experiment creatures will reside)
  • Character development and story (not sure if i can make this exactly how i imagine it though)
  • Mechanical bot enemies [BOT]
  • Biological organism enemies [BIO]
  • Bio-Mech enemies (combination of biological and robot) [BIOMECH] or [BIOT]
  • Particle pixel enemies / misc / unknown (I will show soon what these are) [PXL] [???] [UNKN]
  • AI-KA(the character) can "pixelate", transforming herself into a "pixel cloud" (i'll explain it later)
  • AI-KA can Hack [BOT] and [BIOMECH] enemies to control/paralyze them, but she can can also BE hacked
  • Dfferent Gun bullet types that AI-KA can use to deal with certain enemies (not certain if i will implement this)
  • AI-KA can attack in her "pixelated" form (to hack faster)
  • Melee attacks (unlikely addition)
  • acrobatic moveset (jump, quick backhpop, dodge)
  • many powerups to improve character abilities (found throughout the game)
  • Many Boss fights
  • Has a final boss
  • and more stuff

Thanks for viewing!
Feel free to ask me anything, i'd be happy to answer them :D
Got positive comments? say them! they will inspire me to keep going!
Got negative comment? say them! they will inspire me to improve even more!

I'll try to post here often, but since i'm the only guy working on this and have studies to attend, expect not so frequent posts.

My main blog:

It's got good lighting. Not much lighting but where it is it really hits.


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So, I've added some sparks and a small screen shake effect when you get back to your normal form after "pixelating", some enemy "flash" effect with sparks when it gets hit by your bullets,

And updated all the old animations to the "new AI-KA":
Though it feels like i may have made her a bit younger. what age does she appear to have to you?
I've also added a "backHop" too. There will be some enemies that will temporarily stop your ability to "pixelate", so until you get your ability back(either by dying or item drop), you will have to use other means to escape. (planning on possibly adding some acrobatic moves)

Ah, and a "knockback". When you get knocked back by the enemy(like a 5% chance or so) you won't be able to do anything for its duration either until you touch the floor or you use your ability to "pixelate" to regain balance,
knockback.gif the animation is in progress.

My current To-Do list:

  • Finish knockback animation
  • Finish Bio-plant attack animation (grabs AI-KA, then eats, instantly killing her)
  • Explosion or "dead" animations for all enemies
  • a new [Bot] enemy
  • another [Bio] enemy
  • more sound effects (i'll be leaving this last)

I might be posting a mini demo soon, but i feel like there's still some stuff to do before that

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added a better spark effect when an enemy laser bullet hits any part of the map:

and just recently made another laser bot that shoots lasers continuosly: (lol)

i've been mostly messing with sound effects and more background music tracks lately though.

i plan on putting out a small demo to see if people like the controls and the game so far, but i hardly know anoyone around here >.<


This is looking cool! It's like Metroid but with more action mechanics. And I, too, enjoy the lighting.

thanks! and yeah, it is mainly inspired by metroid and some other games too