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Planet exploration and survival game with base building. · By Cairn4

New Features/Patches

A topic by Apple created Oct 09, 2016 Views: 1,457 Replies: 21
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If you want to suggest features for new builds, this is the place


Why not make a beacon that points towards it if off screen. so the player doesn't get lost.


Yesss. I like this idea. There is a map (with limited range, currently). But a buildable nav-beacon would be cool.


buggies that can drive over craters but cost more resources to make would be cool. Maybe custom paint jobs too.


What about buggy upgrades like speed or something.

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Another nice thing could be weather like dust storms.

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cool idea


portable emergency single-use domes for limited oxygen and power supply would be useful, and though it might be hard, a launcher for getting updates without needing a new download could be cool. ;)

Maybe add a type of hostile/passive mob which(if hostile) could be defeated with a mini laser gun. Some sort of robot ant/spider? Or even passive aliens that you can trade with to obtain special items?

We need something like this.

I think it would feel more natural if things like the drill (and maybe driving vehicles) consumed suit energy too. It would give suit energy a more active role too.

P.S. I like the recent changes.

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Is there a roadmap (list or board of planned features) for this game?

Found this via youtube, simple but looks great and fun.

On my first play, I made myself a portable shelter like PurpleCow suggests, and although I didn't finish it until day 8, I did walk off into the wilderness and set up camp for the final night. (RTG+airlock+oxygen generator+crafting table) Takes up four slots, but you can cruise out for a long distance and then deploy it.

My suggestions would be:

- When the timed survival mode is successfully achieved, how about duplicating the sequence from the start of the game and show a rescue ship landing to take you home? (Touch the rescue ship to win, or just a wave and a cheer fade to black)

- Objects should not use power when they're not in use. The smelter is the main thing here. It could be set to use far more power (or time) to process ore, if it were also to stop eating your energy when it is idle. The oxygen generator could also shut down once your base is maxxed out, and like your Dad probably nagged you, turning the lights off when you leave a room is a good idea :)

- On a related note, power priorities would be nice. It looks like it might be location or build order at the moment, but more life-critical things should get first dibs on the power, with the thing you're currently interacting with having top priority. (oxygen, greenhouses, smelter, lights) Flickering lights would be the first sign of trouble.

- Oxygen and water in the base are listed on the left. How about energy level too? When you have no batteries, it could just show red or yellow without the number. Putting a tiny amount of storage into each generator equal to the generation amount would also work well. (RTG gets 5 battery points, and solar gets 10 battery points) In such a case you'd see 5/10 energy on a base with just an oxygen generator and a solar panel.

- The starting facilities are a bit strange, but currently required to even have a chance. As an alternative, your lander could act as a crafting table, and if the impact scatters an initial set of metal plates, components and electronics, that would be enough to build the airlock, oxygen generator and solar panel required to get started.

- As already mentioned, more uses for suit power. Faster digging with a power assist, or running the drill.

- It looks to me like the truck is eventually meant to have an internal battery, since it looks like the garage starts needing power only after you start driving off. The truck having a trunk would be super nifty. You could pack the portable shelter in there, or whatever other bits you need for a satellite base.

- If encumbrance becomes an thing, being able to pack your bags into the car will be very handy. An attachable trailer (or just a bigger truck with storage) acting like a mobile storage locker would be cool too.

- While I totally understand the code mechanics of why it happens, it is a bit sad that you can't carry a charged battery with you and use it elsewhere before carrying it back to recharge at the main base. If you do come up with a way to retain the charge level in an inventory battery, that would be nifty.

- With all the dust blowing... wind turbines? They'd require batteries to balance the load, but add some variability that doesn't require manual fixing.


Sorry, didn't mean to ignore this, I don't always get email notifications on some threads. There are some really cool ideas you had here. All of it duly noted, and greatly appreciated!

One that you mentioned that I've also been thinking about, is the whole starting base configuration. Because it'd be nice to start on a truly empty/barren planet. Yeah, using your lander as a crude workbench that can make some of the bare necessities might work - or letting you craft some items "by hand" without requiring that you use a base module at all (think crafting a workbench in Minecraft), could also be cool.

add some sort of secret unlock cheat code thing for the cat spaceman in the game icon thing thing


Heh, yeah I need to update the icon... and still need to update the actual character art as well. So many things :)

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I got some things:

  • How about changing the default key for entering vehicles to "e"? I think it's more intuitive and easier to use that "enter".
  • Add a truck: a larger, slower, more expensive vehicle but it can hold stuff inside, like the cargo container. Usefull for building a new base at a new spot and taking stuff with you to start up. Later you could also add a combat vehicle with more health and a weapon but again slower.
  • Helping drone: a flying little drone with (for example) three inventory slots where you can either put ressources to store or tools which the drone will use when you want to mine stuff. Again you could later also give it a weapon.
  • Less air leaks please! They are so frequent and soooo annoying!

Been also thinking about the key to entering a vehicle - even like... being able to just click on it to enter would be nice. Gotta try and figure that out.

More vehicles - with a variety of purposes, would def be cool. Actually also been thinking about giving vehicles health / power stats so that they need to be fixed and/or charged every so often at the garage. Give the garage a little more purpose other than just being a different sort of crafting table.

Drones would be neat, I've been mostly thinking about them once there's more resource types - potentially ones that require going into hazardous areas.

The whole base-disaster system probably needs to be rethought. Right now every module tracks it's own airleak (or dirty solar panel), so there's the chance that every module could spring a leak at the exact same time. Or within a really short timeframe.

Might be better if I track base disasters on an entire contiguous base group level. (if that makes any sort of sense haha). That is: every 5-10 minutes, there's a chance ONE tile in your base will have something bad happen to it. That way you're not getting pummeled with constant leaks.


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Linking problems to external factors is best, IMO.

Random failure is a result of shoddy engineering, but meteorites popping your bubble every now and then is a natural hazard.

Similarly, solar panels could stay clean by default, but get dirty faster than now when the dust storms are blowing.

Falling rocks should be visible when missing your modules too, and perhaps you can dig them up for a little ore after the fact, so they're not merely problems, but opportunities :D


Oh, and dust storms could blow seeds in from off-map to spawn new native plants. (with much slower growth than your greenhouses?)

If you add native animals, perhaps you could make it possible to capture and keep them in pens, possibly for food or crafting ingredients (milk or some wool equivalent) to make for instance food with different potency/duration.

Alternatively, animals could be a natural hazard. If they were attracted to the especially healthy plants in your greenhouse module(s), you'd need to erect fencing or craft some sort of force field to keep them from damaging your base. You wouldn't need to run around shooting them with a space gun, but rather take a more passive approach to keep them out of your business.

Some way for ice to replenish on the map might be nice. Even in the normal game I noticed if you've got a couple of greenhouse modules on the go, you use the stuff up pretty quick, and are forced to go further and further to find more. I can see in Endless mode how you'd eventually just run out, and as a result run out of food as well.

Alternatively, some sort of collecter the player could craft to extract moisture from the air and turn it into ice would solve the issue too. Nothing too easy to build, since you want the player to be hunting for the stuff in the early game.

You should be able to re-fuel the craft you landed in to fly to other planets