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Dog petting game, not a good enough hook?

A topic by FeitizoGames created Mar 23, 2019 Views: 152 Replies: 4
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So I have started working on a dog (creatures, but right now there is only a dog) petting game, thinking that that would be a good hook, since people often likes to pet dogs in games and the only games to develop this (as far as I know) were nintendogs and a couple of very small indie games.

I have teamed up with an animator and put together the mechanics and a very basic reaction. I decided to record a few seconds and post it on several places (reddit, twitter, tigsource...) to see if it had any traction. Responses were minimal everywhere and I am trying to find out why. This is the video (i post it in gif form in most places, though).

What do you think? Do you find it difficult to understand what is happening, the idea is attractive but the presentation is not or viceversa, it is just not remarkable enough in any sense...?

Thanks for your opinions.

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Because like you said it's basic work. It's a base. I think it's executed very well, but there is nothing really special about it yet. Needs a highlight, some flavor.

Having little joyful jumps or bobs could be the next stage of dog happiness. Then on it's back doing the belly scratch offering.

I can't imagine that a game only about petting would keep players interested for long. Important additional mechanic: Overfeeding, getting dog fat :]


Thanks for you answer, i'll try again when I have more to display.

*opens notebook* *writes "FAT DOGS" in all caps over whole page* *underlines it*

i think i have found my dream game lol if my computer could run it i would try it out but i can see what i can do  side note you should put one achievement in called "pat all dogs" c:

Responses to videos by the general public are generally non-existent / minimal - don't be put off by that.

You could use it as part of a larger game - for example take care of your dog - so you'd need to feed it, walk it, pet it etc.

Or pet the dog to calm it down - for example a person walks by and you can just lightly pet it and it will stay - if a cat walks by the person has to furiously pet the dog to make him stay etc.

Or offer it as a stress-relief app - pet the dog until you feel calm again.  Have a calm-o-meter on the side ...

I think it's a cool concept - just needs to be fleshed out.