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Hello While showing the game to my friend today we both realized i few things that could be added at some point.

1. range that units can see since it hard to give accurate guess

2. more techs surrounding the bronze age if possible

3. with the building menu I feel it would be best to split them into  resource gathering/tribal buildings and militarily buildings or color code the backs of the icons bit so it easier to tell what the building is at the moment in the menu they all look the same or really similar

hello guys you have great game on hands and i had fun playing at game on one thing i did notice while playing with sound was when i went into settings  and turned down the volume of the sound effects the sound did not change to reflect it. I have also noted that I feel like overall the sounds in general are bit to loud even when turned down.

It interesting game how it is rather confusing on what the game meant to be about or what you meant to be doing. However I like the fact that you tried to translate the game into English despite it not being your first language.

You would not be signing anything once you upload your game. is a friendly and supportive community and is good place it upload to not only gather a fan base but also get feedback from other developers such as myself or general fans without being abused. I had look at the page and screenshots show a lot of the game and how it looks and will play. You done really well with including what the game is  what will be included and it was a nice touch that  you added how to made the game.

hello Weektester i notice while playing that i could jump while still in midair i dont know if that was intentional and i also found some what difficult on the third screen to figure out what was safe to stand on without getting hurt. Other than that I love the art style it works rather well the game. Good job for just 5 days.

Yes that's sounds much better and more enjoyable and forgiving for the player. I would done something similar in my game but being a platformer that takes you back to the beginning of the stated level their no real need because they also rather short.

First with the non responsive jumping i mean by  when i jump and land i cant jump again for second or 2 now that would not be so bad if the enemies weren't a tad faster then you or if you weren't cornered as it when i got cornered i would be mashing the jump button hoping the key press would resister in time.

for the type of game you looking at developing if you fell a bit faster after a jump it would be easier for you to then jump again to say jump on enemies or get away from them. because at the moment i find it difficult when i miss jump and their enemy almost under me that i hit and die on.

in terms of health  the heart system is good but adding a health then losing a heart would be better suited for this type of game. The other way you could do is just by decreasing the speed of the enemies slightly or adjusting the jump mechanic slightly

Hello I'm just in the middle of playing your demo and the one thing i do notice is that the jumping feels to floaty and i don't know if you have so if hold down the button you jump higher. I would also like to see like 3 health system if possible i don't know that what you after but i feel like you die to quickly to the enemies . And sometimes the jump is not as responsive as i would like it to be. I will keep updated as i play though

1.3 is now out most of the changes mention have been implemented in some form or another

very interesting reminds me of of the old school rpg games

i think i have found my dream game lol if my computer could run it i would try it out but i can see what i can do  side note you should put one achievement in called "pat all dogs" c:

this great insight and a lot what you mentioning is good because the first cubeland got no feedback what so ever so i didn't  know what i was doing wrong or right. it seems i have a lot to learn about the particle and geometry systems. Thank You.

CubeLand 2 Alpha 1.2 is now out

Hello everyone having already released cube land with minimal feedback I thought it would be best to get feedback as i develop Cube Land 2 it is currently in alpha 1.1 all criticism and feedback is welcome .

I loved the song i also like that your sweetheart is writing to it is such calming experience