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First with the non responsive jumping i mean by  when i jump and land i cant jump again for second or 2 now that would not be so bad if the enemies weren't a tad faster then you or if you weren't cornered as it when i got cornered i would be mashing the jump button hoping the key press would resister in time.

for the type of game you looking at developing if you fell a bit faster after a jump it would be easier for you to then jump again to say jump on enemies or get away from them. because at the moment i find it difficult when i miss jump and their enemy almost under me that i hit and die on.

in terms of health  the heart system is good but adding a health then losing a heart would be better suited for this type of game. The other way you could do is just by decreasing the speed of the enemies slightly or adjusting the jump mechanic slightly


About the jump: Agreed, i'll remove the jump delay, maybe the game even feels smoother without it!

About lives: Here'sAndyTV also addressed these issues, and suggested a very good approach for the health system, which is: when get hit, just lose a heart without returning to the begining, but after losing all hearts, there is a number of main lives that decrease and then you returning to the begining of the level. Obviously, after all main lives are gone, its game over. Sounds way better, doesn't it?


Yes that's sounds much better and more enjoyable and forgiving for the player. I would done something similar in my game but being a platformer that takes you back to the beginning of the stated level their no real need because they also rather short.