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les goooooooooooooo

nice freaking slow mo, but thats not low quality sir 🧐

eeeashrim eeeesh namdem kid kids hmm no good, ilum eh

i found bead and bought bead

That's actually an amazing idea, thank you very much for your response and sugestion!

Reading the rules we see the following:

 "It's highly advised you create new content for the jam - submitting your old demos or already finished projects makes no sense."

I completely agree that submiting projects that have already been made, kinda breaks the two weeks restriction, which is what makes a jam fun for the most part, but I disagree that there's "no sense" in submiting old projects and I'll explain why.

I have made an entire online RPG with pure typescript, directly accessing HTML 5's canvas API for the graphics and using default document selectors for inventory, chat, dialogs, etc. No libs, no frameworks, just raw web. It took me quite an effort to pull it off. The server is pure Deno, running on Heroku, also typescript.

Why am I telling this? To explain why it makes some sense to submit old projects: visibility. I have a tiny player base of an average of 5 players everyday, but I really wish more people were aware of this work, maybe even become players and I think submiting a finished project is one way of sharing what you came up with.

So, summing it all up. Is it allowed or not, and should old projects be submited or not to the jam?

Since "...highly advised you create new content..." this sentence does not make it very clear. And "...makes no sense." this sentence has been addressed.

Thank you all very much!

Thanks for the feeback!!

I'm so glad you liked the looks and feels, but I'm sorry about your rough experience with the boss. I messed up by not creating a checkpoint, which makes it much difficult to do it all over again.

About the grab and punch, if you're near him after about 6 steps, he'll try grabbing, if you're far, he'll hit the floor (not random). But the grabbing does need a little tweaking to have less range of impact, and I completely understand the struggle!

Thanks again for the feedback! We'll keep working on the game forward and I hope to see you playing future versions!

I think if you go to Project Settings -> Window and on aspect you chose "keep" than it stays "responsive" on any monitor size.

Thank you very much for the kind words! We sure will keep working on it!

Thank you so much for rating and commenting! I really appreciate the kind words (even tho I think yours has much much more personality, I really look forward to know more about Dr Kimmy's adventures rather than some random cave explorer who fights rocks xD).

About the boss, it means a lot that you and some other folks commented about the "grabbing", because it took a lot of effort to get the boss in this state! I appreciate it very much!!

About movement, powerups and checkpoints, I completely agree and we are very aware of it all, thanks for commenting on it tho, because it reinforces the need to take action on those matters. Next version sure will improve if those tips.

Thanks again for playing and submiting a feedback!!

It has a nice look and personality to it, could become a nice game about rolo, but in the current state its barely playable, I don't know why, but the input lag and jump mechanic, the movement, everything feels very frustrating to pull off properly.

Interesting submission, I really liked to play a Game Boy styled metroidvania. I loved the "overworld" mario-like aswell, pretty nicely done. It's a little buggy tho, my HP got stuck at 19 and I was pretty much invincible and the game is a little too slow paced for the size of the map and for how many paths you can take, making tedious to go all the way back when needed.

But I enjoyed it quite a lot!

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Played through the whole thing, it's kinda fun and very misterious (why tf am I a rat throwing potions at other rats and monsters?)

The throwing curve is very smooth and feels nice. Also the inventory is very cool, I like that I can adjust the size of it.

The game is nice, but pretty raw. I hope you keep working on it!

It's kinda interesting, I liked the visual style and sfx. But I don't think it fits the motroidvania genre.

This is the most fluid 3rd and 1st person movement in this jam, by far, also the dynamic animation is flawless, it feels like dayz, or fortnite. Also very well optimized, I've played two games in this jam with far worse graphics that ran at about 10 FPS on my notebook, but yours got 25~30 easily.

It looks and feels like it could turn out to be a really fun multiplayer shooting game, but I didn't see much metroidvania in it.

Keep it up man, pretty nice job you've done so far!

It looks fun but unplayable on my potato machine... ran at about 8 FPS, which I think means it needs some optimizations, because looking at the screenshots, the graphics are pretty simple for such hard processing requirements. Plus, 716MB unziped seems a lot for a game like this. Maybe you missed something on blender's exports configs, idk. 

Thanks for the feedback!

Sorry, I didn't quite understand what you meant by "not fun of the jump difficulty", could you reformulate?

Thank you very much for the kind words!!

I really hope you stick arround for future updates, we definitely intend to move forward and all the comments and reviews are an amazing help. We plan to start updating it as soon as the game jam voting ends, so we can gather all comments and plan where to move from here.

So your comment is very important. Thank you very much for playing and reviewing!

Hi! Thanks for replying! I'm happy to get your Wiser feedback xD

I love how much goof feedback we got regarding movement and combat, thanks very much for sharing your thoughts on it!

About the boss, yes, its hard and yes it's frustrating to go back all the way, I completely agree. I like your powerup approach, but another solution that has been talked about is checkpoints, which we will definitely put in future versions!

Again, thanks very much for your feedback and for playing!

I love fast paced games, if you play lots of games in this jam you'll notice this is rare, most games have a very slow movement, which for me is very annoying. I loved your movement.

You combat on the other hand, is very unpolished, I didn't like that the enemy makes the same sound when hit, as my character does, also a little knockback would be good, the punch feels more like blowing air or something, than an actual strong punch.

I liked the mechanics on the powerups too, very nice.

Overall a great submission!

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Nice game! Kinda hard tho, I hate the fact that I couldn't shoot as low as the enemy in the same platform as mine. Also, I thought that just by passing on the save spots I was saving the game, not that I had to click on it, so everytime I died it was back from the begining. My hud is pretty tiny, can't see my hp.

I liked all the juice and the fact that its a 2.5D like mine, very pretty graphics aswell and running smoothly! I also liked the music, very soothing and kind of makes me wan't to explore, somehow. It's pretty nice fitting.

Great game overall, solid submission!

This one has lots of content! I liked it.

But the slow movement made me stop after aquiring the dash, kinda frustrating having to walk around a big map so slowly.

But keep working on it, it's very cool and nice to play!

I love how many Godot games are in this jam!

This one is specially nice, I enjoyed the art, music and sfx very much! So pretty and soothing.

I like that there's no concept of health, just death count and very usefull checkpoints. It's interesting to play a metroidvania without health bar or hearts.

About the wall jump, there's a very simple "if" check lacking here, if player is touching the floor, then don't wall jump. It's very annoying when I'm standing close to a wall and I just get yeeted to the oposite side. Also, it still feels very unpolished which is unfortunate because the level design is HEAVILY tied to wall jumps, making the game very frustrating to play in its current state.

I hope you guys keep improving the game because it seems to have lot's of potential!

The biggest bullet hell I've ever played xD pretty damn hard to the point I can't advance forward. But I really liked the concept of having a shield and the way the shield moves is very satisfying.

It needs some tweaking on difficulty, but the concept is very interesting, congrats!

I really enjoyed playing this one! I've noticed that one thing people usually get wrong is fluid movement, I think you got a very good movement here, nice job. Also nice poweups, the slash feels great.

Now there's somethings didn't like: I didn't quite like the camera position, since it always leaves the side I'm heading super hidden, and the side I'm not, shows a lot. Maybe the smooth camera needs an offset to the direction you're looking.

Combat is a little rough, since I can't properly aim/hit at the pace I'm trying to and the damage of enemies is pretty high, and also I lose all coins I gathered when I die. So, pretty rough.

And finally, double jump is so frustrating, specially when level design forces you to use it pixel perfectly, but sometimes you just won't double jump, it just doesn't work sometimes, even when pressing space, and you fall all the way down, super frustrating and annoying.

Let aside those perks, I think this is a really well made game!

I liked it, actually pretty fun, but waaaay too difficult, please add checkpoints!

Very cool little game! It's still fairly simple, but given the time limit you did a great job!

I really liked how unique each enemy is, each one with it's own personality, art, attack, very nice.

Thanks for the feedback!

Yess, this game needs checkpoints asap, I totally agree. Combos are a great idea we didn't think of, this would bring more value to different items with different combos!

Well, thanks for playing and commenting!!

Thank you very much! Yes the boss is a little unforgiving without a checkpoint before it.

We really appreciate the kind words, and intend to work further on this project

We tried it, but it's too laggy on the browser, we didn't have time to implement optimizations properly, so we stuck with desktop versions only, to avoid people trying on the browser and giving up as soon as they got lag.

Thank you so much for your feedback! We really appreciate it.

About the falling speed and bad camera work, we are fully aware that it sucks in the current state. Maybe I should've sitck with a simpler approach like a fixed camera and no smooth following (since this smoothness is the main cause of it not properly following when the player is falling)

And the boss needs a visual output to tell people you can't hit it unless its vulnerable (show that you're dealing 0 damage instead of not showing anything). Because it has a vulnerable state, after hitting the ground.

Anyways, thanks again for the input and for playing!!

(1 edit)

I like it, may be too simple yet, but the movement is fine, and shooting feels nice, maybe a little camera shake would be cool too.

Interesting concept, but please remove the super fast parallax, its nauseating.

Bro I *LOVE* games with character and personality, I'm already a fan of Dr. Ick, the way he moves, talks and looks is so fun!

I enjoyed the fact that even a monster can be useful for pressing buttons, makes the game very dynamic.

The movement is a bit unpolished, specially at the stairs, but it's playable. Being killed by a single hit is a little frustrating and also, I fell off the map, by going left on the part where there's a brown potion.

But overall this is a very fun game and can become an incredibly remarcable and amazing one with a little bit of polishing! I swear to god I'm eager to see more of Dr. Ick's adventures.

Thanks for playing and reviewing! I'm so glad you liked it!!

We have had many complaints about the lack of checkpoint, and I'm so sorry to hear this made your experience frustrating... I'm very sorry and future versions, post jam, will sure have checkpoints!

Pro gamer tip: the boss has states, like chasing, grabbing, hitting and stuck. I gess you can imagine when he's vulnerable to attacks 😉.

This seems fun, but my poor laptop couldn't handle it. Maybe graphics settings for potato machines?

Cute little game, soothing music!

I liked the potions mechanic, but maybe the first potion should be for attacking, not jumping. Who needs a potion to bend their knees, but not for releasing air power? xD

Pretty cool idea, the learning curve is a little off, but overall pretty sweet and interesting.

Really cool game, the jumping mechanic is so satisfying, I love it.

But please, give visual feedback for possible paths, its so annoying and frustrating having to guess which way is the next room...

Such a complete review! Thank you very much for commenting and rating!

We absolutely need checkpoints, and better camera work, we'll sure be looking into it and try to improve the game in general after the jam is over.

Thanks again for taking the time to play and write such great feedback!

It needs a lot of polishing, the G + click was hard to figure out at first, but guess what, I actually liked it a lot! Plase keep working on it!