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I’ve been waiting my whole life for this game 🙏

Thank you so much for the kind words! I’m really happy you liked this experience, its a little unusual for people to enjoy walking simulators with no great twists to them.
At the time of making the game I was in a quite sad place, but everything is much better now, I’m really touched with the fact that you cared.

You should consider changing your nickname to CoolAndLoving or something like this cause that has got to be one of the coolest and most loving comments I’ve ever received.

This game is perfection

moo! (translation: “thank you so much for the most amazing review I have ever received in my entire futile existance, I oqe you my life!”)

mooo! thanks for playing!



thank you so much!! Im really glad you liked it, also pretty awesome that you played all the one to an ending, thats amazing!


moo thanks :D

the morse thing would be genius, but its actually just random :( thanks for playing!!

omg that was brutal, someone needa to fire this firefighter, or should I say fireproducer. Nice game, funny way to fit the theme

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Pretty funny game, the concept of reverse papers please was very well put together in a clever way, Also, fun fact, I’m on a real life trip so I had to play it on mobile and it worked perfectly!

moo :D

lmao, indeed peta should hire jammers




Another Godot dev!!

Great game!! I got a little confused at “hold jump to glide” cause I actually had to jump, then press jump again, and then hold, but overall the tutorial was amazing, I love tutorials that merge with gameplay, instead of a static screen full of text.

I love how many mechanics this game has and also how good it feels when you use a skill, its super smooth and feels great to play, the animations add a lot to that, just such a juicy gameplay!

Thank you so so much for sharing! Im really glad you played! I think its important that you share because then I know how many people struggled to understand the game as is, and I try to improve it, maybe highlighting the grass as someone commented, and stuff like that.

I like the clean aesthetics, also really appreciate that you did it without any engine, I also did this with a game in my profile called “tiny land” and I know how hard it is!

Pretty fun to play, I wish it had a small tutorial in game tho, instead of the description. Still very good entry for the jam, congrats!

I love when I see the Godot loader! Godot all the wayyy!

First of all let me thank you for such a simple and quick tutorial, I hate tutorials with tons of text to read, you quickly showed controls at the menu, and the just let it roll, perfect. I tried to do the same with my own game, no text at all.

The gameplay is super smooth and really fun, challenging and engaging, the story and art style is super funny and adds a lot. This game is gold!

Really cool concept, I think it needs some polishing, also I would love if the player fought back, like tried to move away sometimes, etc. Still pretty cool concept!

I liked it, I cleaned the whole house xD would love to see this game developed further!

Such a clever idea, I really liked playing it, very fun to play. Congrats!

mooo! thank you so much for the tips and review, I loved the idea of highlighting grass, many people commented they didnt understand that you had to eat grass, and a highlight would help in this matter very much, ita an amazing idea!


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Exactly, almost didnt sleep from friday to saturday cause sunday I would be busy.

I tried to give subtle hints about the gameplay, like the icons next to the percentage meter (dead cow on the left, butcher knife on the right), also subtle hints on the existance of the grass eating mechanic, like when an npc eats, theres a very clear progress bar and you spawn neat an npc eating.
I chose to “teach” the game in a subtle way because thats how I like games to teach me how to play (instead of huge chunks of text or dialog), but I found out this isnt for everyone. Thanks for playing tho!


moo :)

moo :)





thank you for playing all the way to the endings :D moooo

There’s actually a reason: to make you feel like a cow (they probably think we’re terrifying for turning them into burgers)


mooo (thank you so much!)

mooo! thank you so much!! I agree, the blacking screen was the best way I found to implement endings that didnt take too much time. 48h were rough