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Talk about originality! A game about stacked dwarves xD. I had way more fun than I expected for a jam submission, it's an amazing result for just 48 hours of work, congrats man!

The only problem was the level everybody got stuck on (lvl 6), it takes away some of the fun, since it becomes frustrating. Difficulty growth must be a smooth curve, and I know this is something hard to achieve. Nearly all games I did, people complain about difficulty, I'm terible at making balanced difficulty.

EDIT: I managed to pass it! I had to jump on the platform with 3 dwarves, and with that momentum, I grabbed the 4th dwarf, then jumped with that "dwarf bridge" to salvation! And as I imagined, the level after that was much easier to pass (lvl 7), it didn't require much thinking, but more skill, which means the difficulty curve is a little unbalanced.

It needs a tutorial :/

It has potential but it is very raw

Damn I really wanted to play it :/ the tutorial bug is a shame, but you got points for presentation and originality!

I was just jumping and my topmost part touched the ceiling I guess, that's all

Great game, solid submission, I liked everything, the art, the music, SFX and gameplay. Look further into making more levels after the jam! Congrats!


Just amazing, I absolutely loved the art and sound, also he puzzles were very challenging sometimes, but didn't get to be frustrating, it was very well balanced and growing in difficulty in a playable level. Unfortunately my game crashed at Pogo, don't know why :/

Great puzzle game! Fits the theme really well also

Pretty cool puzzle game!

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Kinda funny, very wow. It needs zero gravity jumps on the moon and more tasks to get GPUs!

Great art style and gameplay (tho these cops need better training xD). But I was able to almost completely ignore the fact the I was cuffed with someone else, which kinda breaks the purpose of "joined together".

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Well polished graphics! But It doesn't quite work here, If I press "W + A + P + L" (both accelerating and turning left), the second car wont turn left.

Green feels alive, in a sus way.....

So cute, the adaptive music was a neat touch.

Very cool puzzle game!

oh my god, was this made in 48h?? this is awesome, I really enjoyed playing it, damn

golf 2

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Even tho it's a pre-release, the game feels really nice! It's awesome already.

I think there should be more types of events on the next version, and maybe option to rest

"Battle Royal where the health of players are joined together" I don't think it quite fits the theme, but I liked the game!

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Awesome presentation! The black hole effect is insane! Great to see another fellow of the towing idea AND used Godot aswell xD

Pretty fun and it's very impressive to have a multiplayer game on a 48h jam, but not everyone has people to play with in order to test it to give it a rate, and it becomes a little clunky to host and play by yourself. I can see the potential, but I couldnt fully experience it given that I played a multiplayer game solo (as I believe most of the people rating games will do). A part of that, I think it's a great idea, totally follows the theme too and the presentation is pretty nice! Congrats.

Awesome game man!! lot's of game juice, really intense. Yours is like a super fast paced action filled version of my little tow scroller xD

I'm usually too lazy to download games (usually prefer web ones), but the reference to Sagan on the title made me try it, and thank god I did! Really fun game, the music and sfx fit so well, the art style is my favorite and the mechanics were awesome (too bad I didn't know that my glory back home would be measured by how many modules I brought back, if I did I would have tried to get more). Good job!

I really enjoyed playing it! Very polished for 48h, congrats, it's amazing!

I feel bad for the people down on the earth that are going to be smashed by all that waste

So sweet! I planted myself and learned that there is nothing wrong in eating dirt if that makes me who I am!

This robot has to be an apple product, it discharges super fast xD GREAT submission for the jam!

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No way this was done in 48h, it looks, sounds and feels great!! It's a very solid game!

I mean, thinking about it now, thats kinda how hacking works right? You get a lot of attempts failed before getting some exploit to work xD I take back what I said

don't be sorry! keep improving, hope to see more games from you in the future

Very hard but I liked it, the whale sound is soothing, nice SFX

Mechanics are a little frustrating, maybe add a checkpoint system when you reach the signs!

Pretty nice given the limited time of the jam! Liked the SFX aswell. It would be easier if I didn't have to press J to rotate my aiming.

Rymdlingen I know joining all the pieces togheter and making it all work is not an easy task, but you're doing a great job!

Conimor, thanks for making the guitar strum have the same base key as the background music! All so pretty.

Mareike, your art style is truly beautiful, I'm in love with it.

Totally sugest you guys work further on the project after the jam!

5 star presentation! It's sooo cute! I also appreciated that the guitar strum is on the same base key as the background music xD cool project to work on further!

I always thought DayZ had the hardest chopper mechanics. I was wrong!

Awesome art, 5 stars presentation definately

Loved the aesthetic, but the hitboxes traded a bit of the fun for frustration... So points for presentation and originality, but it could be more fun if it wasn't for unpredictable hitboxes. Work further on it after the jam and it can turn out to be a great game!

Thank you very much! Yes, tima was short, I only had 6 hours of the dawn from saturday to monday to make it. But I intend to work on it further after the jam.