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Juice FX

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Colour Pulse suggestion

A topic by Kritter5x created 64 days ago Views: 55 Replies: 3
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Under the "timed" area, I would like to see the ability to have a colour fade in and out continuously, preferably with a slider to adjust the timing of the fade in / fade out, so on low it'd only do a single pulse of colour and at its highest it would flash in and out really quickly. You have the ability for a colour to fade out, but this only happens once and only fades out, not in (which would also be a good idea to add, but that's another story).

There are many possible uses for this kind of thing, such as a "low health" indicator in something like a shmup, where your ship continuously pulses with red. 

I think this can be done easily by code in the engine but will see if we can add in some way.

It could be, but I can think of a number of useful ways to use it without needing to code it in-engine such as a power-up that pulses blue and bobs around.

Cheers in advance if you add it!


Hi there!

I've added this feature to the Roadmap, I though about it when developing the tool before release, but it poofed from my mind when working on other things. I think it can be a nice cool feature, along with a "fade out" flash.