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It could be, but I can think of a number of useful ways to use it without needing to code it in-engine such as a power-up that pulses blue and bobs around.

Cheers in advance if you add it!

Under the "timed" area, I would like to see the ability to have a colour fade in and out continuously, preferably with a slider to adjust the timing of the fade in / fade out, so on low it'd only do a single pulse of colour and at its highest it would flash in and out really quickly. You have the ability for a colour to fade out, but this only happens once and only fades out, not in (which would also be a good idea to add, but that's another story).

There are many possible uses for this kind of thing, such as a "low health" indicator in something like a shmup, where your ship continuously pulses with red. 

These are super nice, reminds me a lot of Earthbound, but a couple of things.

1. I would love to see a "base" model of these, with no hair / clothes so that people can easily add their own. Perhaps even some base "heads" with different eyes or expressions that people can add their own hair to, or transplant provided hair onto.

2. It looks as though the sideways walking animation has the left/right foot and hand going forward at the same time instead of being opposite, if you know what I mean by that. You don't step forward with your right foot and swing your right hand forward at the same time. Easily fixed, but might be worth fixing on the assets just in case.