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#notGDC - We foolishly released our first ever game during GDC

A topic by Second Dimension Games created Mar 20, 2019 Views: 154 Replies: 3
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We're a small team from the UK who make games in our spare time, and we've been making free games since about August 2012.  We mainly participate in game jams - we've done the past 22 Ludum Dares, a few LowRez Jams, a ProcJam and we even host our own here on itch called Finally Finish Something (or FFSjam for short).

For the past year we've been polishing one of our LD games called Cherry Creek, and we were finally ready to release last weekend.  Of course that means we did what every indie game article tells you not to do; release during a big event like GDC.  We talked about delaying it, but decided we'd waited long enough and we were just going to carry on.  Releasing this small game is the end of 6 year journey, from making our first browser game to making something good enough to actually sell, so even if nobody notices/cares about it then we're still proud of it.  It has also been an invaluable learning experience, so hopefully we'll do better on our next game (e.g. not announce it the same day Half Life 3 gets confirmed)

GDC itself looks kind of amazing and terrifying at the same time, I think we're always going to be a small scale team making small games, so it's probably not the place for us.  The only thing I envy is perhaps meeting some new people in a similar position to us - in real life at our full time jobs we tend to get blank looks when talking about gamedev!

If anyone wants to take a look at our game you can find it here:


Congratulations on the launch. I don't think launching during GDC is that big of a deal since it's mostly a developer event. I've added you to the Not seen at GDC collection on rotation on the homepage. Good luck!

Cool, thank you!


Congratulations on releasing Cherry Creek, it looks great! Don't worry about getting it out there during GDC; we've always figured that we won't be competing with Google/Epic Games/etc for a front page feature on IGN about our games anyway,  so focus on smaller indie-centric outlets for coverage and pick up players that way (in addition to organic storebrowser players). Best of luck and we hope the game goes really well for you! 

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