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Interesting uses of Stress Tracks

A topic by Sandy Pug Games created Mar 18, 2019 Views: 1,024 Replies: 5
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Stress tracks seem like a really versatile mechanic that could be used for a lot of cool stuff, and I was just curious if anyone has any neat examples. I know a couple of games that use an Exalted-ish power system have used them as a kind of power-meter you fill and risk hurt if you go over a certain amount of stress. I could also see using them to track Community Stress or similar for games that have community building as part of their base.

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My favorite use is probably linked conditions. They probably show up in other places but I'm familiar with them from Shadows of the Sith by Fred Hicks. They're basically consequences without a stress track, only some of them run in chains. I really love the idea of creating these sorts of customizable mini-arcs as a tool for dealing with characters getting themselves into trouble. Here's an example for the Rogue archetype: 

Current (-1)
Lasting (-2)

Trapped ->
Imprisoned ->
Broken: Even if you escape, they got to you, maybe even turned you. What now?
Exposed ->
Hunted (by ___)

Hurt ->Wounded ->
Maimed ->

I've seen something similar (tho reversed) as a means of escalating the danger of a boss battle, this is really neat!


Do you remember where? Because that also sounds rad.


I want to say it was in one of the earlier Fate Worlds volumes? I'll look through my books and see if I can find it. I was about to say it was a Transhumanity's Fate thing but I think I just carried it over from a different book


That's the thing about having the excess of riches the Fate Core Worlds is- I haven't had a chance to read all of them, and the ones I have read sort of mix together in my mind making it hard to find references!

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