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It's a small subset of stupid gamers that are terrible (someone from the company said they had no idea and supported fan works 100%). I'm sorry that happened to you, and glad that you created Lumen and Nova!

I hope it stays standalone- I really like it and it serves a purpose

I tried to buy an early bird at $5.99 and the system won't let me do so.

Someone else pointed out to me that they now don't show you the price, even with the guest code.  It's $45 for the pair of hardcovers with free shipping.

Great deal on a Blades in the Dark/Scum & Villainy bundle on MassDrop for the next few days. MassDrop is a membership site, so you have to sign up, but they have great deals and though it takes a while to ship (this one closes in a week and ships by April 18th), they have some great deals.

I'll chime with a recommendation also.  Very flexible, and they've been adding some cool features.  The latest is a web clipper which is useful for keeping references.  The only thing I don't like is the no-password scheme.  But it's a minor quibble and an annoyance at most.

Not sure of the policy on this, but you might want to put some time limit on deleting posts (and even perhaps editing).  In a recent spat, a user deleted all of their posts, and the conversation doesn't flow as well with the posts removed.  I know that some forums impose limits on such actions to prevent this type of behavior.

That's the thing about having the excess of riches the Fate Core Worlds is- I haven't had a chance to read all of them, and the ones I have read sort of mix together in my mind making it hard to find references!

Looks like a really interesting way to express the angels!  Interesting (and unexpected) choices for the Archons- I'm looking forward to seeing more of this!

Thanks for the heads up!  I've been thinking of doing one, but wanted to have more in the backlog before I did.  I guess I won't wait for that!

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Nice to see this space here!  A bit of feedback on the Play portion of the PbF board; you might want to have two separate boards there- one for planning a game, and one for playing it.  Helps people to see what kinds of games are on the blocks, so to speak, and to gauge interest in a game before spinning up a thread.  

I should have read the LFG thread first- I thought it was just for Looking for a Group, not for IC's also.

In most cases, I like using an existing system.  But the system I'm currently working on is a result of frustrations in PbEM and non-asynchronous games.  Either you slow things down, or everything becomes purely narrative.  I'm trying to find a middle ground.

The reason that normally I go with something that's already there is because of my play style- I only mine things in other systems for ideas, as knowing a system, you can really get an idea about it's strengths and weaknesses over time with it.  A new system you have to start all of that from scratch.