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When developing games powered by Fate, how have you chosen which SRDs to use?

A topic by Festive Ninja created Mar 17, 2019 Views: 951 Replies: 4
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The nice folk at Evil Hat provide licences to a number of SRDs, most notably including the Fate Core and  Fate Accelerated Edition rules, but extending to the System Toolkit, mechanics from a bunch of games, and a portion of the 2017 Adversary Toolkit.

When sorting through this embarrassment of riches, how have you all decided what to include?

With Return, a goal was supporting episodic campaign play and, as I think approaches in FAE are more effective in one-shots and skills from Core are better for campaign play, I chose Core as the starting point, even thought that meant a lot of chopping back to hit the concision that I admire in FAE.    An alternative might have been to use both licences, and build up FAE with things one liked from Core.

How have other people thought about this? 

 Mark (he/him)


Seconding Core, to me it just provides a very fully set to build from without too many bells and whistles or streamlining, and most of my designs in Fate tend toward a longer campaign setting. Plus its the one I think most people are familiar with, so that helps.


I suspect folks are gonna like Fate Condensed ... once we have it done.

I'm very much looking forward to this!


I'm using FAE right now for a RPG based on the work of David Revoy and Pepper&Carrot, in part because it's simple to get started and because it's also the basis of a similar game "War of Ashes" (though War of Ashes is more confrontational than the game I'm envisioning). That said I'm also curious about episodic play and how it might work with FAE.

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