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My pleasure! Richard Bellingham has been a big help, keeping an eye out for stuff that the community needs clarified, and we also got some help from a fan doing a translation to their native language because they had to go over the text in a very different way from a native speaker. When I can get us doing a long feedback period prior to print publication, I tend to love the resulting improvement. :)

We're going to be eliminating "On your turn" from that in the hopefully-final revision following this one. I'd added it in while looking at also putting in following language that was about the always-off-turn options, for contrast, and that was misguided.

Evil Hat has a specific rubric for PDFs of our RPG books, in that we price them at 1/2 of the cover price of the physical product. Not applicable to all publishers, of course!

I mean, the games we have up on here are also books; RPG books. They're both "physical games" and "books", if you define them by their form. If you use the stricter definition offered for the book category on itch, e.g., "tells a story" it's a bit muddier. 

At this point I've also got, like, dozens and dozens of entries, so it'd be some work to go through and recategorize them all...

Technoir — the dice system is seriously brilliant, but the game got overshadowed by other bigger indie hits dropping at around the same time. 

This one definitely supports D&D-esque gameplay — plus, murderous muppets.

We've ended up uploading all of our 'physical games' rpgs as Books because that seems to be the only product type that displays the whole cover in the thumbnail. Not sure if that has relevance here, but I thought it worth a note.

I suspect folks are gonna like Fate Condensed ... once we have it done.