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Polishing Post-7DRL?

A topic by Balmonec created Mar 12, 2019 Views: 101 Replies: 2
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So, I didn't have time to polish my game (Spellforger 1: Entry Exam) as much as I'd like during the challenge - which I understand is normal.  :-)  I am planning on circling back and giving it some more love and care before I let it go, and I'm wondering how much of that is appropriate before the reviewers get to it?  From what I've gleaned from listening to Roguelike Radio (which is awesome, by the way), it sounds like bugfixes and a help screen with the commands are legitimate post-7drl additions, but new features/mechanics are not.

To be a little more concrete, here's the stuff I'm considering:

  • Bugfixes (already pushed one out)
  • Help screen with game commands
  • Player/creature names showing up in the game messages, instead of the current ORC3 and FIREELEMENTAL13 ID tags
  • Performance improvements
  • A background image on the initial text screen
  • A score system
  • Auto-explore/auto-travel
  • Spell hotkeys

I want to be sure I'm complying with the spirit of the challenge, can you give me some guidance as to if these things would be overstepping?

Critical bug fixes and adding a help screen is as far as I would go. Performance improvements only if they are taking the game from unplayable slow to playable. The rest sound like new features. What I've seen in the past is to keep the original 7DRL version available for evaluation/historical purposes, and then clearly indicate any new versions as "post-challenge" or "post-jam".

I figured that's about where the line was, but wanted to make sure.  Thanks for letting me know!  :-)