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Juice FX

Add any animation to your sprite to look more juicy! · By CodeManu

Saving presents & exporting images doesn't seem to work for me.

A topic by Neoriceisgood created Mar 10, 2019 Views: 97 Replies: 3
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Just downloaded this program as I liked playing around with your previous creation, the Pixel FX designer tool.
After playing around a bit with Juice FX I noticed something strange though: When I try to save presets no new file is created at all.

Not entirely sure what's going wrong, I'm not getting any error notifications. There's just no file created after I go through the saving process. 

After running into this issue I tried saving an animation as a png, frames & gif and the first two bounce, also leaving me with no result.
The only one to actually "work" is the option to save as a GIF,  although instead of giving me the normal "Save as" menu it forcefully seems to save the file as "result3" every time, overriding the old gif without asking me as a result.

Every other function works fine, e.g. inserting my own pixelart into the different layers, loading existing presets etc.


Hi there,

Have you tried exporting to a different folder? With Pixel FX Designer we had some people that couldn't export to the app's root folder. The .gif function always export to the same file due to the limitations of the engine that Juice FX was built on.


Looks like saving it to another folder did the trick! Thank you!

Also other fix in case you have future problem is use the app  with "Run as Administrator" other guy had similar problems and were solved with this. Just to have in mind ;)