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Looks like saving it to another folder did the trick! Thank you!

Just downloaded this program as I liked playing around with your previous creation, the Pixel FX designer tool.
After playing around a bit with Juice FX I noticed something strange though: When I try to save presets no new file is created at all.

Not entirely sure what's going wrong, I'm not getting any error notifications. There's just no file created after I go through the saving process. 

After running into this issue I tried saving an animation as a png, frames & gif and the first two bounce, also leaving me with no result.
The only one to actually "work" is the option to save as a GIF,  although instead of giving me the normal "Save as" menu it forcefully seems to save the file as "result3" every time, overriding the old gif without asking me as a result.

Every other function works fine, e.g. inserting my own pixelart into the different layers, loading existing presets etc.