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Challenging & Addictive physics-based Acrobatics! · By Walaber Entertainment

Lost my player profile

A topic by gravelblock created Mar 09, 2019 Views: 96 Replies: 8
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I've lost my player profile multiple times now. I'm still not 100% sure how to reproduce it, but I managed to capture it. (recording starts at the title screen)

Also, sometimes I have to try up to 3 times until I'm able to create a new profile.

I'm gonna post feedback on the actual game soon :o)


Thank you for the bug report.  the log file you sent should be helpful in trying to figure out the problem.  does the issue persist no matter what you name your player profile?

Looks like it. the profile I was using initially was named "charles".


can you possibly send me your player profile files?  they should be in a folder called "SaveData" in the same place you find the debug log. the files are a bunch of numbers with a ".sav" extension.  it appears something is strange in those files that's causing an error when it tries to load.  it's possible this is also related to the same issue that was causing trouble accessing the levels, but a test file would help me debug the issue.

Sure. Here's a download link.

I also got that bug so I have uninstall the game, delete the Walaber file from "AppData\LocalLow"  and reinstall the game and now It works perfectly..

Doesn't work for me :( I've completed a few levels and lost my profile again.


OK, the issue was _once again_ related to globalization settings and how numbers are stored.  I have uploaded a new build, version 0.4.3, it should fix the issue.  please delete all the files in your SaveData folder, and give the new build a try!

Thank you :)