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I used the built-in replay feature and I exported the videos and after I put all the clips in a video editing software to create the compilation.

Of course the twist feature was something that I was waiting for and yeah if you can improve it that would be nice because for the moment when I twist the arms go back in their initials positions so the gymnast can't twist with the arms close to the body.

I was also used to your previous game "Walaber's Gymnast" and in my opinion in the new game "Pro Gymnast" the bar is a bit too bouncy and the gymnast is too reactive to the controls so he swing too fast around the bar. And also it would be great to control the replay in the built-in replay with the game controller like in the old game Walaber's Gymnast. Another thing that I would like is to personalize the game controls because I will preferer release the bar with RT button than with the RB button (Xbox controller).

And the game will be perfect if we could have the possibility of spreading the legs to do stalders/endo or straddle tkachev... the possibility of release only one arm to do one arm giants or something like the "Zou Li Min" element in gymnastics, the possibility of twisting in a tuck position and may be a way to land dismounts standing... ? ;) And just for fun it would be insane if you add a foam pit in the level editor so we can recreate a kind of training gym arena.

I know that I said a lot of things and this is just a BETA but I think it's interesting for you the receive players opinions and I love that game and I'm so exciting for the next updates!

I also got that bug so I have uninstall the game, delete the Walaber file from "AppData\LocalLow"  and reinstall the game and now It works perfectly..

Hello players ! It's the first day I start playing this game and as a gymnast my favourite things to do are releases in the game. I did some gymnastics high bar releases tonight and I will practice everyday now ! ;) If you are a gymnast you will recognize the different releases (kovacs, geinger, tkachev....)