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Gif rendering not looping?

A topic by CorgiBits created Mar 08, 2019 Views: 130 Replies: 9
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Hey just rendered out something and gif doesnt loop as it should. trying to use the wind effect but it jumps suddenly at the end of the last frame!

Also noticed in the CMD window that loop is set to 0? I assume that means false. Is there a way to change it in a ini file or anywhere in the software?

I got some effects looping nicely when upping render time to 2 instead of 1

yeah tried that, still doesnt loop correclty even if I set the time of the wave to the same time as render etc. makes it jitter still in the last frame.

sorry to hear! havn't had time to test so much. Hope they look into this sometime! Looping is nice to have


Hi there!

It seems to loop fine for me, could you send me some examples of this issue?

It may have been addressed in the update as the  loop variable is now set to 1 and loops fine?


Hi again,

This issue has been resolved in v1.0.3 (to be released). The time function used for the effects wasn't framerate dependant so if the app dipped below 60fps it would affect the render, breaking the seamless loop. Thanks for the report!