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Thanks for playing and featuring it : )

yes thank you! just tired on Firefox and I get the same problem. Works good on Chrome. I wonder what's the problem here. Not really sure on how to fix it. Must experiment a bit

Thank you Mr !!  Means alot

Yeah I like the Hotline miami vibes! Really good music and hard game in a good way

Thanks man! Appreciate it : )

Thanks for the report! so strange..., i haven't been able to reproduce. But i've heard the same thing from a another friend. Will look into it further

Yooo! Wow really like the atmosphere here. The platforming together with the players-coat was awesome. You should expand on this game : )

Thanks alot!! 

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Cool game! I like the concept. City building and action all-in-one

Hey Thank you!! I tried to fix the music issue. Let me know if it persists. The dancers move random x steps in given direction before changing to another random direction x steps. I had plans to make more structured but ran out of time : )

Cute and fun concept! Music and beach-theme worked great. Liked the upgrades part, made me wanna play more

haha, thank you : ) Happy that you enjoyed it !

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Thanks, means alot!!

Lovely space atmosphere and soothing music. Art-direction is on-point !! Hypnotic gameplay at work here.
Best score 6600

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haha awesome game! never felt so panicked playing chess before! Loved the different opening-scenarios

Awesome tribute to a forgotten gem of a game ! Love that perspective and fast paced action. Well done!

Wow you can tell the developer spent a lot of love on this one! Awesome polish and alot of content to explore!

Gdamnit this is a scary game! Super well done !! Got flashbacks from "Alone in the Dark (1992)"

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Cute and creative gameplay! Had alot of fun playing this ! Liked the design choice of connecting the phone-chords

Original gameplay and well executed game about an important historical event !

Really great music both in menu and gameplay! I love that main character-sprite too

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Thank you!! Funky, hard, bizarre and psychedelic was exactly what I was going for!

Thank you for your nice words! Inescapable positions can often be avoided using the Genie Lamp-attack (has long cooldown), that said it's still a very hard game and RNG can sometimes be too much. 

Great game! How he sticks to the wall and jumps feels good! Liked the scoring and moves part. Also room-fights was a nice design choice i think

I liked the game mechanics and the space invader feel! That combined with the uptempo music and fast speed was enjoyable !

Thanks! :D


sorry to hear! havn't had time to test so much. Hope they look into this sometime! Looping is nice to have

I got some effects looping nicely when upping render time to 2 instead of 1

  • Added Scene 10 (Nurdin talk 3)
  • Updated Scene 6 to new look and Nurdin part 2 audio
  • Scene 7
    - Added monsters
  • Added new level "Climb to spaceship" Scene 7. Fully playable but no monsters yet
  • Scene 3
    - New visual effects to the music !
  • Scene 4
    - Fixed broken loading screen
  • Scene 5
    - Fixed broken controls 
  • Scene 3
    - Updated whole level with new design and visuals
    - Updated collision detection on ground
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  • Scene 11
    - Added SpaceFloppy and Mcspace teleport to Floppyspace
    - Longer Supermonster death animation
    - Fixed controls
  • Scene 3
    - Floppy now jumps higher
  • Scene 3
    - Updated beginning of level to new look

- Improved collision detection for Floppy mcspace in platform levels
- Improved Stretch-Squash effect when Floppy jumps, lands and dashes. Feels jucyier