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[Linux] In-game menu doesn't show text

A topic by audiophileKitsune created Sep 24, 2016 Views: 465 Replies: 3
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Checking the menu in-game doesn't show any text. Game works perfectly fine otherwise (really fun, too).

Playing on Arch Linux with a Radeon HD 7770 using the open-source Mesa drivers. Can't test on proprietary drivers due to card being unsupported at the moment (too old).

Thanks for supporting Linux, btw (in case no one's said it already).


Damn D: will look into it, this is the in-game menu right? Does the options one in the main menu have the same problem?

Nope - just the in-game menu. Everything else works as intended (including the options menu), though admittedly I haven't poked around enough due to being too busy to play the game often. If I find anything on my next playthough, though, I'll let you know!


I see that I'm using a different font on the in-game menu :O didn't notice that before, going to change to the same font as the rest and hopefully that will fix it ^^ thanks!