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Playing the game on Arch Linux. Runs perfectly, but the game doesn't save some configuration changes for controllers. Using a Dualshock 3 connected via USB and I have to change the button mapping every time I start the game since the pause button resets every time I close the game (it defaults to R1, which the game labeled "button 5"). All of the other settings save correctly, though brake occasionally resets back to L1 (button 4) since I usually map it to R1 and the game really wants R1 to be the pause button. And then sometimes the game starts with both of them mapped there at the same time.

Gameplay itself has zero issues, though (haven't played too far in yet but I'm having a blast so far), and other than the above bug everything works smoothly. Modern, high-quality shoot-em-ups are very rare over here so many thanks for the Linux release! :)

Sweet! I'll purchase from here sometime next month.

Again, thanks for supporting Linux!

Nope - just the in-game menu. Everything else works as intended (including the options menu), though admittedly I haven't poked around enough due to being too busy to play the game often. If I find anything on my next playthough, though, I'll let you know!


Checking the menu in-game doesn't show any text. Game works perfectly fine otherwise (really fun, too).

Playing on Arch Linux with a Radeon HD 7770 using the open-source Mesa drivers. Can't test on proprietary drivers due to card being unsupported at the moment (too old).

Thanks for supporting Linux, btw (in case no one's said it already).

Thanks! Love the new version of the game so far :)

Email sent.

And again, thanks for all the help :)

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And thanks for doing this. Hopefully the publisher reconsiders in the future, what with the new Itch client being a thing.

I already bought it back when it was still being sold here since I didn't want to use Steam. That's why I asked.

Any news on the Itch version returning?

Linux user here - just wanted to say that not only did I love this game (great soundtrack, lovely art style and really fun gameplay), it also works perfectly even when using the open-source AMD drivers on a relatively-old card (pretty rare to see a 3D game on Linux that can do that).

Definitely gonna recommend this to people.

Sorry for bothering again, but I managed to find the issue. Game is playable if started with the -force-opengl command, but the characters have no textures as a result. Hopefully it helps.

Played a bit of it and I do like it so far, but I'll probably wait until the issue's fixed and the characters display correctly before giving it a proper playthrough. Again, sorry for the trouble.

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Can't start the game on Linux. Crashes immediately on startup with error "killed by signal SIGABRT".

Not the only Unity game that does this. Here's a thread in the Unity forums that mentioned it. And another one in the Answers section, in case it helps.

The game looks neat and I'd like to play it soon, but if it can't be fixed then please let me know so I can request a refund. I'd ask for a demo to prevent this from happening to other users but I don't know if the game is long enough to warrant one.

Apologies for the trouble.

That's fair, yeah. I can wait.

Thanks for making Linux versions of your games! Really appreciate it.

Just wondering if you'll be uploading the Linux version here as well. Already own the game from the Kickstarter but I'd also like to buy it again here so I can play it via the Itch app.

Loving it so far (runs on Linux without issues), but is there a way for the game to remember the fullscreen setting? It always starts up in windowed mode.

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Just letting you know that there's an issue where the new Itch client downloads the Sights and Sounds file instead of the game file if you bought it with the game. Should be solved by removing the OS icons from the file.

Fantastic game, btw.