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[SOLVED] Playmaker Actions Do Not Work

A topic by RonDMC created Sep 24, 2016 Views: 332 Replies: 5
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Hi there, I recently purchased Super Text Mesh and love the animations and customization you can add to the text.

I'm not much of a programmer so I use Playmaker for a lot of my work. I noticed that when I add the Set Super Text Mesh action that the text ends up blank, even if I had text in the box before the action goes off. So it seems it just erases the text in the box.

I also saw in Playmaker that the Get Super Text Mesh action doesn't end, even when the Check Every Frame option is checked off.



The playmaker actions were written by a friend of mine, and I just linked them this forum post. They're gonna take a look at the actions, and I'll get back to you asap! The actions were last updated for v1.2, so some things have probably broken since then. Thanks for catching em!

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I'm not entirely sure what caused the bug in question, but it should be fixed now! I sent it to Kai to implement in the next patch, but here's the .cs file itself so you can start using it now, with a couple new features thrown in. Just replace the existing file with this one and you'll be good to go!

Edit: I didn't see there was a bug with Get Super Text mesh, here's that one too. Lemme know if you have any other issues for the Playmaker actions!

Awesome! Looks like both actions are working now.

Thanks for the quick reply and fixes both of you!

Hi Just updated to the latest version and the text goes blank automatically.  I tried clicking on the links provided above but they were removed from dropbox.


Try the "Playmaker Actions" package here, under "support packages for other assets". Should be the same file from that link: http://supertextmesh.com/docs/SuperTextMesh.html

Also make sure "autoread" is enabled, or text will just go blank automatically when rebuilt.