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Whoa, I just downloaded it and ran the game right now. I put it on google drive

Not sure if its an issue with the file or with Itch but I'll leave the drive one up for a while just in case.

Thanks for playing, and I'm glad you enjoyed it? I couldn't tell haha. That damn "puzzle", glad you beat it!

Looking forward to it!

Entertaining! Thanks for playing!

This breaks my soul! Sorry you are frustrated. I believe the sequence is supposed to be, putting the red cube on the red platform first, (make sure you leave it there) then the blue then purple and then remove the blue off the platform (leave it off) and then the red (also leaving it off). That should open it. I feel like I failed in conveying what was supposed to happen, so a learning lesson for me. Thanks for reaching out.

Awesome, how do rights work? Do I have to credit?

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Thanks for the comment, always watching. Sorry it bugged out on you. The .exe should be working much better than the webgl which bugs out with every new unity version it seems.

Hey Arnaud, excellent animation! Was it done using flash or photoshop?

Hey Wolfore, Thank you very much for taking the time and leaving a comment on bugs and review. 

Thanks a lot Kai!

Hi I just started a new project and downloaded the latest version and when I created a 3D text Mesh, it started with a dot before the the font. Any way to remove these bullet points?


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Hi I don't think or know if min max pitch is working. I am using the example scene (which the camera is not working for some reason) but more importantly, the pitch is not going up or down. It stays the same no matter what the min or max pitch is set to.

Any ideas?

Hi Just updated to the latest version and the text goes blank automatically.  I tried clicking on the links provided above but they were removed from dropbox.

Extra steps...

In total, it currently has the right amount of objects to create a single ruby and one skull with the right combination, but it also does feel pretty scarce so I can see how these accidents may happen. It's a tricky balance to not flood the game to make it toooooo easy but I will say there are also branches, matches, and duckies in the map aside from just pennies, shovels, and glass. Thanks for playing!


AHCK! My poor soul! At least you got to try it out for a bit but the damned build will be the death of me. Thanks for trying it again, BlueJackalope!

There is now! Just added thanks to your comment.

This comment broke my soul. Added a downloadable to compensate.

Using unity 5.3.5. Mixed seems to work, hopefully that does the trick, thanks!

Hey Kai,

For some reason when I import the asset from here it says

"Binary to YAML conversion: type unsigned int is unsupported"
as well as
"Binary to YAML conversion: type UInt16 is unsupported"

any ideas what this may be?

Well, I can make playmaker actions, but it would have been nice if it was done already :P

Last question is if I purchase the asset here on how do I get updates if there are any updates?


Super Text Mesh community · Created a new topic More Q's

Hi Kai,

I just asked a few questions with sebasrez twitter but I had some more, if you can let me know please.

How, in playmaker, would I know if the animate in is complete to send an event?

I think it would be great to set the color as well, along with scale, font, speed, strength, density, and mostly the options are available to manipulate, so it can be done in playmaker and not in the inspector before hand.

Also! I was wondering if there were different animate in options?
Like this lovely animate in

Is this available and are there also different ways of animating in?