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LOL! Hey Dead3y3! My favorite is probably between Too Many Doors for the setting followed by Drag and Defend for the game mechanics. Still working on combining the settings I like to create with the mechanics I've been exploring lately.
edit: And thanks so much for checking them out! I appreciate you taking the time to explore these projects.

I think there is something wrong with how the stages are generated, thanks for letting me know and for playing/commenting!

Yes thanks! It is always going back to half a cup. Im glad you liked the mechanic!

Thanks, yeah the background was a bit much. Thanks for playing and commenting!

I had zero idea what I was doing because I have never made coffee before... (We use a keurig) but I really got the hang of it after a few tries. The key is to do each step one immediately after the other; I initially thought I had to wait for the sounds to finish. Looking forward for the update!

This is amazing, thanks for creating this!

thats awesome, I really appreciate this, taking the time to comment and try it out

WOW! Just updated... I don't see anyone topping this.

You rocked it! I gave you both highscores on the board!

Haha Thanks for playing it this would definitely be in the top! 

Hi Thanks for notifying me of this. I did update the game to not have this glitch. It made the game a bit easier so I also raised the limit of required infected. Thanks again for playing and for commenting!

Thanks for checking and playing

Thanks, thats really unfortunate, did it freeze at a specific point and what browser did you use?

absolutely, that was a great touch and added to the intensity!

That got so fast at the end, I was trying to see how long it would go haha but my hand gave out on me. Characters/art is excellent, awesome job! Got to 390 (itch isnt letting me post pics?)

Very cool! I love the secrets and animations, congrats on your first game jam. I saw the slime as crawling up and down the walls which seemed very slime like to me. I would have liked to see more humans hidden in different areas. The death animation was too great

Beautiful game, everything is tight control wise, art wise, sound wise. Great experience

Awesome mechanics! Love that you go through areas depending on your toxicity. It would be great to differentiate a bit between what you can and cant go through. But I would love to see this explored more. 

Thank you! And thanks for playing and commenting!

Thanks for playing it!

Everything is so smooth! I managed to get a great rhythm going and became pool cleaning employee of the year haha. The balance was a great touch with the ph levels and everything was so fluid, no pun intended, between the animations and swimming choreography. Awesome

Great entry! I like how quiet land had such intense music on my run haha. Ants are always so wise

Great style, I love seeing the giant blowing. Good challenge! Can't we repair the ozone layer :(

thanks Phillip! Glad you liked it!

My highest score is around 3k. I’m so glad to see people are skillfully getting 4K+ consistently. Thanks for playing and commenting

ah no that was a not normal sorry about that. I need to see why. I will look into infectanator sounds interesting. Thanks for playing!

Haha! A bit of extra time was spent on the sound but I think it added in a nice way.

thanks so much! I really wanted to create something more visually stimulating for this jam with the flashy lights. 

thanks so much for playing and commenting! Great high score I appreciate it!

Awesome, thanks for playing and beating it. How many tries did it take?

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Raise your toxic levels and infect the world in Toxic Ball. Begin by bouncing your toxic ball on toxic material to increase your toxicity. Next you move to a city and begin infecting people with your toxicity, If you infect enough you get another toxic ball and continue to increase your toxic level!

Thanks a lot. I appreciate it! There were a lot of great entries, I am surprised by the results.

oh thanks! Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing and commenting

It should technically end when you are out of money because I didnt have time to do a game over screen but since you found it interesting, maybe I can explore that in a new way! It should be that you can only win in the positive and go for the highscore.  Thanks for playing and commenting!

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Great! Really enjoyable platformer. Id love to know where you get your palettes as well! I'm not sure how canon shots and ground creation(?) fit into the not learning in school but it was really funny with an excellent ending.

Excellent entry! I managed to get it to play and I love console stuff like this. I had a few issues that may have been purposeful but it got me confused as it seemed like it should've worked. Either way, great stuff! Love to see more like this.

Awesome, very glad you enjoyed it, thanks for playing it!

great score! Thanks for playing!

Thanks for introducing me to Economical, really fun game and interesting use of money. Agreed about the reset button, thanks and glad about the interest for more levels!

Yeah I have bought so many unity templates, these give me a chance to tinker with them finally :D Agreed about movement, thanks for saying so